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 It is quiet in the house today.

I have been making paper, which is not exciting in the least….

but BOO, my new gnome, is keeping an EYE on things.

Ironic isn’t  it?

Keeping a covered eye on my progress.

Boo, is a gift from Rosemary and David.

Rosemary is a dear, sweet friend

who seems to know when I need a smile.

Don’t you love friends like that?

Rosemary is a gem.


I sit at my work table with my lap top

to post entries on the blog.

I face South East

and this is what I face.

It is a small hand-made corner cabinet

that we bought in Memphis, in 1980.

It is a good example of Folk Art and I love it.

Libby now, resides on the top shelf.

Her ashes are elsewhere for the moment,

but this is her spot for now.


I wish you a happy, wonderful weekend


may all your moments be happy ones.

Keep a covered eye on things for me!

Love you.