Organic And Happy

Today, while walking my laps/miles….I realized that I had not shared something.

Perhaps I think that I might jinx myself… but…oh well.

Larry and I are getting ready for our 41st anniversary and I am not wearing my rings.

We are still together and  happier than ever.

It  appears that I have lost a few pounds and the rings fall off of my finger now.

In the spring, a few months ago, I had a major health episode.

Sick, could not stand very well and lost my vision.

The {diabetic} medicine seems to have made me very ill.

{please note, I felt sick for months after I stopped taking meds}

I called our family DR  ASAP and told him that I was stopping all meds. {4 of them}

The next week, I went to my endocrinologist.

She agreed with me about the meds


put a Free Style Libre  (a blood glucose reader) on my under arm.

The Libre thingie reads my BG for 2 weeks.

During that time, I poked my finger 7 times a day

and kept a food journal.

Then when 2 weeks charting was up, I had the libre removed

and met with my DR.

She read all my numbers, my A1C estimate and food journal.

Evidently, I am NOT Type 2 diabetic.


I had been on a chemo pill for 5 years and just stopped taking it in December.

The weight gain  and side effects from the Cancer meds…played a huge part

in my misdiagnosis.

Sooo, sweet readers. I am cancer free, not a diabetic

and as of today I have lost 28 pounds.

I am not on any meds and call myself ORGANIC.

I am working very hard to get healthier and stay healthy.

But I wanted to share that my health is my responsibility.

Along with being organic, I am empowered.

When I get down to my fighting weight, I will get my rings re-sized.

Love you