Komen Race For The Cure

I cannot believe that that the North Texas Komen Race For The Cure is over for this year. (2018)

With the help of my friends, I raised $1,302.08.

Rosemary G. won the donation quilt. (congratulations!)

I walked the 5K holding Larry’s hand….oh yes,

and Matilda’s hand too.

Larry asked me what ART I will donate/auction off next year. Who knows?

All suggestions are  welcome.

Thank you dear friends, for the support, prayers, love and friendship.

Life is so much better with you part of my life.

Love you.



Happy In My Heart

The weekend was lovely.

It stared on Friday, dinner date with Larry at a brew-pub.

On Saturday, Larry hosted a dinner party in Dallas

for the executives at one of his accounts.

It was so much fun….great restaurant, people and wine.

Then, on Sunday, the Family came to the cottage

for one last Christmas.

We had lunch, conversation and gifts.

Photo: Luncheon with family

It felt special.

It felt real and not cluttered with HOLIDAY,

If you know what I  mean.

Photo: Matilda and Jamison with the painting Matilda painted for Jimmers

Photo:Lauren with dog sculpture

Photo: Josh with new mug

Photo: Thank you for the Champagne AGGIE! It was perfection! Is this photo blurry?

So, now, Christmas is over

and I had a very wonderful weekend

filled with special moments and people.

I feel happy in my heart.

Love you.


Getting My Family Fix

It was a great weekend.

Larry and I asked our daughters

to join us for a Saturday FEAST!

{Larry and I were in France during Thanksgiving}

A 22 Pounder!

Jamison had to work, but stopped by

on her way home for a little visit,

But, Lars, Josh, Matilda and puppy Ellie joined us.

Let The FEAST Begin

I roasted a huge turkey,

used holiday table settings


smiled as the day was filled

with my wonderful family.

I cooked the dinner, Larry  carved the turkey


my kids were in charge of the entertainment.

It was  perfect.


Sunday night  was dinner and a movie,

we ate left overs and watched

the holiday movie Prancer.

PRANCER is my favorite.


And it always makes me cry.

So, it is now, Monday Morning.

Larry is away  all day today.

I am alone to work on holiday gifts, laundry

and practice my Yoga.

Will you  try to {yoga} breathe today?

Smile when you can and please remember

that this is the Holiday of LOVE and JOY.

No Grumpies allowed.

Love you very much.


So Much To Say

I have an awesome post in my head.

I hope you read it. I want you to read it.

It has the perfect amount of sarcasm and rude comments.

I have so much to say! Yes, I am smiling and laughing.

You  stopped listening to my voice 20 years ago,

But the wonderful thing is, lots of other people still hear me.

Robin’s Essay

After I did not fit into my “step mothers” idea of  family,

{i looked to much like my mother?}

you all found any reason to move me out of the family.

Granted, it was Norman’s {my bio father} idea,

but you went along with it.

This is important….you went along with it,

dragging cousins and friends along with you.

They thought I did something really awful. I didn’t. You know that too.

Remember when our cousin ripped off Normans charge card

and payed for an entire semester of college with it?

Do you know it was Larry and I who talked to Norman

and made the situation ok ?

But no one did that for me.

This past month, cousins that disowned me 20 years ago,

came out of the wood work. Not to reconcile,

but for information they needed to contact “other” cousins.

How rude and disrespectful is that?

It says more about them than it says about me.

But the funny thing is

I am not hurt, I just want you to know…

That I am so much better without your dramas….

To those who follow Robin Toujours,

I apologize.

Sometimes you just have to call ignorance

when ignorance is spotted.


Happy 6th Birthday Matilda


In the past decade, I have had a few life changing moments.

Being disowned by  a parent,

having breast cancer,

losing a beloved canine companion.

But, with out a doubt, having granddaughter Matilda in our lives,

makes everything RIGHT…if you know what  I mean.

There is something about the continuation of life/generations

that reminds us that all of the other stuff in our lives,

 does not matter.

It does not matter at all.

So, here is to My Girl.

Today she turns 6 years old.

Happy Birthday Ma Cherie

4 days old, with Champagne. Photo by Larry


Thoughtful, curly headed angel…..look at her tiny feet!


This thoughtful girl is the definition of  all things good to me.

She is Love, family, Inspiration and joy

all wrapped into one sweet girl.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

May all your dreams come true.

Love you beyond the moon.



Better Yet

On Saturday night, Larry and I went to town for dinner.

We met a wonderful couple,

The restaurant :

Pepe’s and Mito’s

Owned by good friends…it is a  favorite in Dallas.

The couple we met:

Lorie & Jeff

Lorie, is my cousin and she married Jeff about 2 years ago.

Lorie is always sweet. She is compassionate and fun.

Jeff is the perfect mate for Lorie.

We had such a good evening with them

and will see them again soon.

Isn’t it interesting about family?

There are just some of them that you adore.

Yes, Lorie is from the side of the family that disowned me.

Larry and I love this girl.

She renews our faith …..

Please, never forget,

Even when things seem very bad,

there ARE good people out there.

Better yet, we can BE one of the good ones!

Thank you Lorie for reminding us.

Love you.