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American Sampler

It is funny to me,

that something can be hidden in a drawer for thirty years


once found, it can become an important possession.

A few weeks ago,

I found a crewel embroidery kit in the guest room dresser.

I stashed it in the work room to deal with later

and last Friday,

while watching the inauguration of President Trump,

I saw it on my work table.

The long lost crewel embroidery kit.

{dated 1980-when on earth did I buy it?}

As I opened the crumpled old packaging,

 my lap top was streaming Donald Trump  vowing

 to be the best president that he can be.

The linen fabric, in my hand became an important reminder.

Oh beautiful for spacious skies…..

In all of the drama surrounding the presidential election,

citizen voices have forgotten one thing.

This is our country.

Amber waves of grain and purple mountain majesties…..

 how can we expect someone to step up and make everything “good”

if we are not willing to make the same promise for OUR country?

I hope that I never forget that feeling.

I have promised that each night I will put stitches in this beautiful sampler

and with each stitch promising to be a better citizen.

Started on January 20, 2017.

This is the Inauguration Sampler.

It is in a basket by my bed.

Each stitch, it will be my promise to never forget

how beautiful this country is


how lucky we are to live here.

I wish everyone had an Inauguration Sampler.

It is a wonderful reminder

that God shed his grace on thee…from sea to shining sea.

Love you.


Me and Rodin

I love Meryl Streep.

Her ART has been part of my entire adult life.

But what makes it ok for her to insult and berate someone


not ok for for Donald Trump to insult and berate someone?

I am sad that she is perpetuating the

negative political atmosphere in this country.

I still love her but….gosh.

Please, Meryl

just go make a movie so we can all go to the theater


escape this petty and  ridiculous news.


In other news:

I am almost finished editing and posting the photos from Paris.

2016 was a very good year in France,

filled with many special moments.

I am trying to learn more about Word Press

so I cam post a widget to my FlickR account

in the side bar. Over there —–>

Here is one of my favorite shots from this year.

Larry took the shot at the Rodin Musee.

Yes, that is me and Rodin.

Rodin had awful political ideas….but he was still a master.

We all must learn to live and respect each other…

even if we disagree.

Love you.