Dear Al Jarreau and Random Observations

I promise that there were a dozen birds at the feeder 5 minutes ago.

They leave so fast…

Shadows on the wall are oddly long this morning


I learned yesterday that dear, wonderful, Al Jarreau is ill.

There was a message on the computer

from a friend who knows that we adore Mr Jarreau.




Dear Al,

May I call you Al? I feel as if I have known you for thirty years.

 I would like to thank you for one evening….. one in particular.

It was a cold evening in Paris.

November 2016.

Larry and I arrived at the Olympia Theater


were delighted that our seats were so close to the stage.

We held hands and waited.

When you were announced…the audience gave you a standing ovation.

Tears crept to the corners of my eyes.

Larry squeezed my hand

and the rest of the evening felt like a wonderful dream.

We still talk about you and that amazing evening.

We listen to your music and quietly feel inspired.

Isn’t it amazing how

ARTists have the ability to touch people who need a gentle hug?

The past year, was dismal. Really dismal.

2016 will not be remembered for many happy things for us,

except a charming evening in Paris.

With My Larry and Al Jarreau.

We send love and healing thoughts.

Please remember, that if you smile in your sleep,

the angels shall adore you.



Love you.