A Simple Little Blog

This is a simple blog. It is my journal {I DO have a handwritten journal}, my coffee {I don’t drink coffee}, my cigarette {I don’t smoke} and my breakfast {I don’t eat breakfast}.

It must frustrate some people {huge web masters, etc} that I am happy with my simple little blog.

Yesterday in my mail, there was a note from someone promising to get thousands of hits for me, upgraded format and ads. They promised success.

I was thinking about that last night. What truly is success? How can someone who has never met me, know what success means to me?

The only thing that I would like is….more comments. I have asked before but my sweet readers are the quiet sort. It is true, I love hearing your thoughts here. In the comment section. Where we can all read the opinions as long as Blog lives. This morning, I was looking on line and look what I found.

How creepy is that? At least it confirms that others like comments too! I am not crazy!

Love you.


The Weekend Before Christmas

Larry and I had a lovely weekend.

It was filled with all things good.

We saw THE GRINCH again! {my favorite}

{the Broadway Play}

The most awesome GRINCH in the world

 We have seen  The Grinch many times,

but this one was THE BEST!

{Or do I say that every time?}

Then we went to Pedro’s after the play.

A very good friend, Pedro has the BEST restaurant in Dallas.

It seems like,

 every  special event in my life,

I celebrate at Pedros….It is my tradition.

After my favorite lunch,

 we strolled down to  Elm Street Tattoo

Where  Nick tweaked my pink ribbon Tattoo.

My small soft ribbon is now

a strong comment on breast cancer and family.

It is on my wrist , crusty and sore

but  i LOVE it.

I will post pics after it is healed.


Christmas is one week away.

I am not sure how often I will be posting


You can always

leave a comment for me.

{A comment on this blog, not on Face Book.}

{smilie face}

Have a happy, wonderful day.

Please fill you day with all things inspirational and kind.

Love you!