Sharing A Secret


Photo: Begonias on the back patio

It has been raining off and on for 24 hours.

It feels almost like Autumn.

I like it very much.

This morning, as the clouds gather for our next shower,

I sat on the patio, planning Sunday Dinner and Movie.

Photo: Planning dinner on the patio

It was damp, wet leaves clung to the chairs….

but it felt wonderful being outside without the oppressive heat.

Planning the Sunday meal is done. {Easy}


because……..twenty years ago,

I quietly took this book off Mothers cookbook shelf

the week after she died.

I did not tell anyone, but I am telling you now.

It is a 1988 copy of the Betty Crocker cookbook

and it is wonderful for planning  “clean eating” meals.

I think of  Mother each time I use it….

and think of her when I don’t use it too.

{isn’t life amazing?}

Maybe Chef Valentine will share Sunday’s dinner recipe?


Do you have wonderful weekend Plans?

We have theater tickets for tonight, but not in the mood to go.

The Plano Quilters Guild

has their huge  quilt show this weekend.

I AM in the mood for that.

Share a secret with someone today.


Love you.