Daunting or Not?

Yesterday was an OK day. I managed to get a project near finished and knit, making a sweater I have been working on for awhile. The sweater is a lovely green, and I would like to design a dress to go with it for Easter. IF I finish the sweater. Why do things like this feel so daunting?

Photo: The Three Guys

The Three Guys keep watch from a pedestal in the kitchen. They have been bought over the years while we traveled, have sweet smiles and remind me to focus, stay calm and remember that I am not in charge.

While checking on The Three Guys today, I looked out onto the patio. Specifically, my chive pot. The pot that Larry emptied for me in the fall, so I could replant this spring.

Photo: The Chive Pot

Excuse the tilted photo, it was raining outside and I snapped the shot very fast…but look! The pot has chives growing. The terra cotta was empty two weeks ago! I guess Larry did not get all of the roots. When I showed him, he shook his head. Said: strong chives… and then he laughed. HA! Please excuse that thing in the lions nose. I just noticed that.

Some of you read BLOG every day. Here is a trivia question. In the picture below, what is happening?

Photo: In the kitchen

Please have a happy Friday and….

Hello Weekend!!!

Love you.


Better Late Than…..

It is late.

I walked  laps around the lake this morning.

Photo: tired feet

When I came home, I turned on the

Rachmaninoff Symphony.

{it is amazing}

Photo: Larry bought me my favorite symphony!

I went out on the patio, and noticed,

The chives are peeking out from their winters sleep!

Seeing the gorgeous green make my day.

Photo: Chives in Terra cotta

I planted a philodendron in the head pot….

GREEN, again. Is there a theme happening here?

Photo: Plant in head planter.

I am caught up now…and will work on the auction quilt.

Imagine, this sweet quilt absorbing Rachmaninoff.

What shall you absorb today?

Love you.