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More Than Candy

Last night, the family met for dinner at Pedro’s restaurant.

I cannot tell you how nice it was to celebrate this time

in my life with the people dearest to me.


We  all have things that happen in our lives,

That is just the way things are.

Perhaps we can try to think

of what the other person

might be going through.

Life is wonderful. Lets share our joy.

Love you more than candy.



A Well Known Secret

Five years ago,

while I was waiting to be operated on

for breast cancer.

{yes, I was at the hospital waiting to taken back}

My Larry said:

Five years is a long time. 

Lets plan something do do in five years to celebrate

if you are still cancer free.

I said:

The perfect celebration would be high tea.

A well known secret is, how much I enjoy having tea with friends and family.

Larry said:

We will celebrate every year with High Tea,

but on year five, it must be something special.

I said:

Tea at Kensington Palace?

{photo: we were in London for tea, my birthday, 2007} 

Larry said:


This morning, after five  long years,

Larry made reservations for Tea,

at the Orangerie at Kensington Palace.

Later in the summer, we will fly away to London


celebrate being cancer free for five years.

Each year on the date of my surgery, we have high tea locally.

This year, a few weeks AFTER my anniversary date,

we will fly to London.

{because I an superstitious}

Tea will be at Kensington Palace.

Cancer. I kicked your ass.

Love you.