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The Weekend In Review

Happy Monday!

Life has been happy and fun around here.

Family, friends and smiles.

Camp Robi Updates:

On Friday,  Matilda helped  Pa {Larry} paint and set his “Bat House”….

Please, no ROBIN jokes.

The Bat house was a Fathers Day Gift from, Lars, Josh and Matilda.

On  Friday Camp,

Matilda also experienced picking out a  dress pattern


fabric at the  Fabric store.

She found her pattern in the huge, heavy Simplicity drawer,

discovered the fabric  she wanted the dress made out off

and asked the kind lady for the yardage she needed.

This week, we will cut the dress out.

{I just want her to be exposed to this process}

Of course we have patches at Camp Robi.

and at the fabric store, she was allowed to pick out a patch that she wanted.

Of course she picked out the poop patch.


On Saturday, Larry and I went to Ft Worth. I will share  about that later…..


on Sunday, dinner and a movie was great!

I made a  Lamb and Wine Stew.

We had mashed potatoes Lamb and Wine stew

Baguette with Borsin Cheese, Wine  and for dessert, Larry wanted to celebrate. Sooo…..

Our movie was The Zookeepers Wife.

It was dark and sad, but I am so glad we saw it.

It is a true story…..and now the Zoo in Warsaw is on my bucket list.

I want to be in the place where love and kindness overcame fear and submissiveness.


Monday chores are started.

The sun is streaming in the window


it is a lovely morning.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Love you.


Friday Camp Day

I got out of bed with a bang today, because it is


We have not had Camp Robi for a few weeks

because Larry and I were in Poip’u.

 Friday’s, while on the island,

I wore my Camp Robi shirt.

{can you even SEE that I have it on?}

But today I am home.

Matilda will be here in an hour for Camp…..

…To Be Continued.

Love you.




Camp Robi Week One

We had the best weekend…

starting with Camp Robi on Friday.

Matilda got her hair cut at the Salon.

Amanda is our Hair ARTist…

and we have known her since she was a teenager.

{and is an amazing person with a huge heart}

After the hair cut

Camper, Matilda needed food.

Chik Fil A was the perfect lunch.

Then, as per schedule, we went to a  Butterfly house.

It was amazing…and Ma Cherie is a Butterfly tamer!

{she knows so much about the timeline of a butterfly}

After what seems hours in the hot butterfly house,

Matilda played on the playground


bought candy, better known as survivor food.

It was a perfect Camp Robi Day


It was a rainy holiday weekend in Texas.

Larry bought me a…swan.

If we had a family crest, it would have a swan on it.


Sunday, Dinner and Movie

Taco Bueno and The Longest Day.

We first saw

The Longest Day while in Normandy years ago.

I think that it is my favorite “war” movie.

Have you ever seen it?

Have a blessed Memorial Day.

Love you.



Billl Murray Where Are You?


is my favorite camp of all time.

{from the movie Meatballs with Bill Murray}

Coming in, at a close second is


Today is our first day of camp


will meet every Friday this summer.


well, maybe a little bit.

Our Itinerary is printed


excitement is in the air.

Let the summer begin!

Only one thing would make Camp R better….


{i heard he was here in Dallas!}

He is the consummate camp counselor,

but have no fear…..ROBI is here.

Corny but true.

Stay tuned, updates weekly.

Love you,


Camp Robi Rules~In More Ways Than One


 The first day of Camp Robi is approaching at record speed.

{next Friday}

Nine Fridays of Camp awesomeness are being planned.

Yesterday I designed the t shirts.

If  you are so in love with this shirt,

you too can own one too.

Contact Dwight Mathis at BOG FROG~Plano


They come  in childrens sizes and adult sizes.

No  proceeds from the T Shirts go to Camp Robi.


Camp Robi was created

for the single purpose of fun.

My Granddaughter Matilda joins me once

a week for camp stuff.

I believe that everyone should go to camp


be a camp leader each summer.

If you had camp, what would YOU do during your days?

Love you beyond Bill Murray.