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Quiet Tuesday

Larry is off to emergency meetings.

A new hurricane is brewing  {Irma}


he has many clients/restaurants in FLA.

who are bracing for a new storm.

It is super quiet in The Cottage right now.

My work area is mess.

It does not inspire me at all

but today I will sew.

Just sew and sketch.

here is the funky dress I am making.

I am making it out of an easy dot fabric,

and I figure that I am either

going to love this dress or hate it.

{I will let you know tomorrow.}

I have so much to do today…..

best get busy.

Be happy….

Love you.


It Is That Early

I am up early and feel wonderful.

Birds are not even singing, it is that early.

Today is a busy day for sure.

I must return to the hospital for tests.


I have been keeping my hands busy at home.

I have had no desire to paint yet,

but I have been working.

There is a little girl in our life who will be joined

by a new sister this summer.

I am taking advantage of this time

to get things made for the arrival.

Baby Sister sweater and blanket ~ done.


Baby Sister bath blanket made of luscious chenille~ Half done


This is  the Aran sweater for Big Sister.

I started the front yesterday.

All of the different stitches are my favorite thing to knit.

What is it they say about busy hands?

Thank you for all of the messages and calls.

Emails and texts.

Life is very good.

Love you.