Sunday Highlights From The Cottage

Breast Cancer Fact: On average, every 2 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States.

Photo: The apple cobbler is out of the oven before we leave for church.

Photo: The Cowboys play Green Bay at 3:25 today

Photo: Ready for church.

Please get your breast cancer screening soon.

Love you beyond squishy boobs.


Pink And Protein

Breast Cancer fact: Breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women, except for skin cancers.

Photo: Pink at the Imaging center


Yesterday, between conference calls and reports, at lunch, Larry, Pink and I went to the blood donation center. Larry gives double reds twice a year. Yesterday was the day. I cannot give blood.

Photo: At Carter Blood Center

When Larry donates, we never know what will happen. He gets ill, passes out, or various other interesting things happen.

That is why, whenever he gives blood, double reds, we go and have a hamburger after. Even if he does not want it, this is what we do. The protein seems to help him very much.

Photo: Pink at lunch

Today before he went to work, Larry and I walked our laps at the lake. He seems fine. {for now} It is Friday and I am glad. It is going to be a busy weekend, but one filled with special people.

I wish you a wonderful weekend too.

Love you beyond special moments.


A Red Hat

Breast Cancer fact: This year, an estimated 41,760 women will die from breast cancer in the U.S.

Photo: Pink in tulle

I hated sharing the above fact with you. There is one way to change that number. Have your yearly screenings.


Today is going to be hot…again. My afternoon is super busy but this morning is just for me. {Larry is in Dallas}

Since I finished Lauren’s Christmas gift, {don’t worry about me mentioning her gift. She never reads ze blog} I am starting on my Halloween costume. We have a few events that I wear a costume to and waiting till the last minute drives me mad. Besides. I love how happy people are around Halloween.

Photo: Hat fabric and pattern

Today is “Hat Day” using the pattern shown. The hat I am making is the view on the bottom left. The hat will be red, lined in dots.

It was a coincidence that I chose the dot fabric. It matches the boots I bought weeks ago!

Photo: My new Wellies

Will you celebrate Halloween this year? {I dislike when people say that they do not celebrate Halloween because it is an evil holiday. Halloween can be anything YOU want it to be. Please don’t use the excuse evil….because, if your heart is true, you can do anything} My plan is to make people smile this year! Last year I had the same plan. BUT I tried on a huge costume head at the market to make Larry laugh. For my reward and trying on that huge head, I got my very first case of pink eye. Go figure. Sixty four years old and getting pink eye for the first time The fun thing is, I can still hear Larry laugh when I tried on the costume head!

My sewing machine has brand new red thread threaded in it and I am off to make a hat! I have never made a hat like this before. Stay tuned!

Please make today, whatever you want it to be.

Love you beyond Pink and tulle,


Pink and Paddington

*Breast cancer fact : 62% of breast cancer cases are diagnosed at a localized stage, for which the 5-year survival rate is 99%. This is where my breast cancer fits in. I was stage one prior to surgery. During surgery they discovered that the tumor was much larger. I then became stage two in a matter of moments. Early detection is life saving.


Yesterday, Pink and Paddington went with Larry and I to the fabric store. I am making a Halloween costume. What I have planned needs blue and red fabric. Bet you cannot guess.

Photo: Pink and Paddington

You can guess, but just don’t guess out loud. The little Paddington in the photo is from Paddington Station in London. His pearls are from Poip’u Kaua’i. Pink was given to me and it was a special gift. They are my treasures.

There is a Christmas gift in progress, on the floor of my work room, it is almost finished. When it is complete, I will start to make my Halloween costume and then I have one more Christmas gift to finish before November. My goal: To finish all hand work before going away on holiday. HOLIDAY!!!

My back has been hurting and I feel like I have taken on to much. Making two huge Christmas gifts this year and there are 85 days till Christmas! It seems so far, but it will be here sooner than we imagine.

The sun is streaming into the room. It is 80 degrees outside. Already I have a little fan blowing on me as I work at the sewing machine. It is an interesting morning. I feel tired but inspired, with a get things done attitude.

I wish you a happy day. Please fill it with all of the things you love. That way, if something unexpected happens, you will be surrounded by love.

Love you beyond PINK RIBBONS.


Pink And Picnics

Breast Cancer Awareness Month- *The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2019 about 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women.

Photo: Pink in the studio

I am happy to start October, Breast Cancer Awareness month today. {one day early} Pink is in the work room, my mammogram is scheduled and I feel super nervous. The breast surgeon I have gone to during my 7 year breast cancer journey, retired this year. It feels like I have been left alone on a new journey. Sweet, wonderful Larry reminded me that I do not need certain things anymore.

I can do this!!!


Sunday Picnic

Photo: Heart shaped sandwiches, white chocolate scones and Champagne

Yesterday I planned a picnic, created the menu, baked and made goodies.

We had chicken salad and pimento cheese, heart shaped sandwiches. Sweet, salty mixed nuts and white chocolate scones. Tsarine Champagne and for dessert we had macaroons and truffles.

Photo: Picnic dessert

We sat on our bench at the Dallas Arboretum, enjoying the picnic in extreme heat. It was September 29th and our picnic was one to remember.

I am glad the weekend is over. This month holds many, wonderful and interesting things. {including Halloween!}

Have a good day.

Love you beyond the stars and moon.


Five Days Till October

I truly did not want to walk my miles today. Bed was comfortable and I felt tired. Then I heard his voice.

Larry said: Come on.

So I hopped out of bed, threw on shorts and a t shirt.

Off we went, into the dark morning. We watched the sun rise over the lake. We talked about fun things, I bitched about bitchy things, we said hello to other walkers who we have come to know and we breathed in the amazing fresh air of a brand new day.

My Larry, my daughters, granddaughter and my health. Moments during my day remind me that God has blessed me many times during my life.

By His grace, I am here to journal daily. I am here to create, worry and love the loves in my life.

This is my testimony. This is my faith. As we approach October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, I need to remember the women who are fighting.

So many of you support me in the spring as we raise funds for breast cancer reasearch and screenings, will you join me in October? With positive thoughts, kindly reminding our loved ones to get mammograms and supporting anyone who might be fighting the fight.

I am not sure why I call it that. “Fighting The Fight”…perhaps it is because that is how I felt when I was in the middle of treatment.

October starts in five days. Do you know anyone who is fighting the fight? I do. I will be sending cards, writing letters, baking treats and anything else I can do to support anyone who is in treatment. Lets do this together?

Love you beyond pink ribbons.