Sunday, Dinner and A Movie

Yesterday, Sunday Dinner and Movie was a blessing. The stress of the holiday had caught up to me and Larry made dinner. Potato salad, and grilled burgers.

Our movie was The Holly and The Ivy. {My favorite Christmas Carol}

The movie has an interesting history, it was intense and in the end….well….you will just have to watch it.

I can hardly believe that it is Christmas eve. My heart feels a bit melancholy and I look forward to a brand new, productive new year. 2019 sounds wonderful. {with lots of Sunday, dinner and movies.}

Love you,


Wound Up

Today started with walking five miles in the fog. The first four miles were a breeze but when I start mile five, cramps kicked in. I suspect this is the pain/gain part of my exercise commitment. I took a picture but it looks like a gray mess….with so much fog. I will be back at the lake tomorrow, perhaps it will be a better day?

I came home from exercise, to wind balls of yarn. Last week, I bought a yarn swift and yarn ball winder. It was shipped in two pieces and I am patiently waiting for the “swift” {ironic isn’t it that the SWIFT is late to arrive?} While waiting, I am making due with the winder. 

I frogged the project I started….to re-wind the balls of yarn that I had wound myself. It is fascinating watching the ball winder. So glad I have THREE MORE TO RE-WIND! Not really. It is interesting though and it is important for me to have the yarn feed from the inside of the ball.

PHOTO: Yarn ball winder and finished ball of yarn.

Here is my primitive set up. I am so excited for the swift to arrive…because I bought the most amazing yarn in France and cannot wait to wind the skeins up. {more about that later}

Larry has gone to meetings in Dallas and I can hear my mothers clock ticking the time and chiming the hours.  How I miss her this time of year. The special way she had of decorating the tree and the wonderful cookies she made.

This  is the time of year to reflect on our faith and remember the special people  who are not with us any longer.  I have a question…..Why does this reflection  change so drastically as we get older?   

I adore hearing from our friends via holiday cards and seeing them at parties. It truly is about the special “moments” and making memories. Good memories.

It is quite true. I am wound up today and ready for anything. Bring it on….Christmas, I am ready!

Love you,


PS: My friend Molly’s sweet dog passed away this morning. I send you love Molly. XOX …Ricky is with Libby now…..

Moments To Remember

Larry and I have a good friend who lives in Paris.

We have known his family for 20 years


they own the BEST Italian Bistro at Place de Republic.

Bruno helps at the Bistro


also works at The Opera house.

This year while in Paris, Bruno invited us to an event.

Photo: Larry and Bruno solving mystery at Palais Garnier~Opera House

It was a fun event and we had to solve the mystery

by finding clues at certain locations in the Palais Garnier.

Photo: Clues to the mystery


Photo: Discovering the answers.


Photo: A sunny Sunday morning. Opera Garnier~Paris

Next year we will go to an opera , till then, I have the best memories.

{my favorite opera is La Travitia. I asked Bruno to “order it up”….he laughed.}

Love you.


The Red Silk Thread

Yesterday I had a bla day.

Larry had meetings that went late

and although I had many things to do,

I just sat at my work table, knitting and watching Netflix.

{do you know who Monty Don is?

his current gardening series is now on Netflix!}


today I have made a list.

It is my “Today List”

A friend who had cancer  once told me,

If you write a list each day,

of the things that you would like to accomplish

and check off  what you do get done,

Photo: The list is on there, somewhere!

you will be pleased with yourself,

even if you do only one thing on the list.

Photo: Formal skirt and top await hemming….

Today there is mail to write,

and a formal to finish.

I must hem the skirt and top with temperamental

red silk thread that knots and tangles easily

if you even look at it with a frown!

There are four miles to walk and

someones {Larry} birthday gifts to wrap.

I started knitting a sweater while in France


would like to have it finished

for a holiday brunch on the 22nd of Dec.

The list is full of creative things…

YES! I can get it knocked out…

Dear wonderful Readers.

what is on your list today?

Love you beyond that crazy red silk thread.


Yes, I Cried Too

First of all, I would like to thank Lauren Miller

for making Word Press my

number one blog once again.

{she FIXED IT!!!}

I am so happy. WP is  my favorite!!!!


In the past weeks, strange little things have been happening.

Larry chuckles and says: You just have jet lag.

Today, my phone was a bit stubborn.

I left it at my work table while I took a bath

and when I returned,

it had gone into airplane  mode on its own. {how? why?}

I then had to find a recipe at the shelves,

when I returned and opened  my phone

….Sweet Mitzu’s face was on the screen. {how? Why?}

Photo: Mitzu was Matilda, Lauren & Josh’s pug dog. She has been gone 2 1/2 years now.


When Lauren called on her way to Target….

she told me that this morning,

Matilda was  missing Mitzu very badly.

{she cried while on the way to school}

When I told her about Mitzu’s  photo,

she was surprised….like I was.

How wonderful is it that funny little things happen during our day?

Things that remind us, inspire us, support us and most of all, send us love?

Can you hear me sigh?

I loved Mitzu Pug Dog. I miss her very much.

Yes. I cried too.

Love you.


Brain Or Heart?

He bought me PJ’s.

They are cuddly and cute,

but most of all they are warm.

Photo: New Pajamas-for me! Do you see the heart? {Nordstrom}

Where in our brain or heart, is thoughtfulness located?

Why are some  people more thoughtful than others?

I am married to a selfless, thoughtful man.

I want to be more like him.

Is there someone special in your life

who you would like to be more like?

Have you told them?

Love you.


The Great Escape

The sun has finally come out.

I walked around the lake, many, many laps in the mud.

The day is quiet, Larry is away at meetings in Dallas.

The Radio  is tuned onto my favorite station in Dublin, Ireland


I am working on Larry’s wave quilt.

Photo: “Larry’s Quilt” in progress

There is something wonderful about making a gift like this.

The person that you are making it for,

is in your heart so deeply while you work…

thoughts, memories, love,

special moments remembered with joy.


While I write thoughts here on the blog, it is special for me.

Thoughts captured forever, whether they matter to you or not.

It is my morning coffee.

It is a moment of bringing my thoughts to the surface


sharing a project I have at the work table.

Sometimes I feel so amazingly overwhelmed with “life”


 mundane, busy thoughts are my escape.

Thank you for being part of  the great escape.

Love you beyond the moon.


In His Arms

Yesterday was a good day.

I had a {GREAT} visit with our family DR.

Since I am finished all cancer treatments,

it is time to get this old bod back in shape.

{today is post cancer blood work, for a baseline}


Larry worked from home yesterday.

I cooked dinner


we cuddled, watching The Bachelor.

He kept asking:

what is wrong with people?

Are they so unhappy alone

that they have to compete with 25 others for love?

Then two of the girls had a big fight.

He said:

Oh. That’s why people watch this.

I was still lying in his arms when

he turned the channel to DATELINE.

Some evenings are just to good for words.

Photo: We were married on August 20th, 1977. Larry proposed on Feb 14th, 1977. our anniversary is coming up! I have his gift , but since he is a loyal blog reader, I must wait to share it with you…..

Love you.



Just a Question

Good Morning.It is super quiet in the house…

and my brain has been a bit agitated.

Let me explain.

My love for history is well known

and because of this, I have one question. Maybe two.

When the time comes to tear down George Washington’s statue

{and it will happen, because he owned slaves}

will tearing it down, change history in any way?

The ARTist’s work will have been damaged beyond repair


after the immediate adrenaline  rush,

the persons who brought it down,

are going to have the same old history to contend with.

I was wondering if the destruction is worth it?

Where is all of this hate coming from?

Love you.





Three Bags At A Time

I have not been sleeping well.

At night, I toss, turn and look at my phone.

Days have been perfect, but I think perhaps

that I have not been exercising enough.

There are 4 projects on my work table,

tonight is Book Club,

My Larry has been long gone across town for meetings,

Libby has been throwing up once a day


I feel like merde. {excuse my French}

I will close the blog for a few days.

{but please stop by, I will be posting a daily photo or two)

Umbrella Girl 

The sun was shining as she flew into the clouds.

Taking the time to catch up with herself


the ones around her, was a priority.

The jelly bean wishes that she dreamed about at night

might come true after all.


Do you know that My Larry buys a lot of  jelly beans?

{three bags at a time}

He digs out the black ones and throws them away.


I love The Man.