Peace Be With You,

It was a fun, busy weekend.

Matilda’s birthday party was on Saturday.

Photo: Matilda and her new bow

and on Sunday, we went to the Modern ART Museum in Ft Worth

to see the  Murakami exhibit with Matilda.

The exhibit was striking and quite visual.

Incorporating  unique ways of creating ART on  and with different materials

…I enjoyed it very much.


Since Libby left us, many friends have been suggesting that we adopt another dog.

I am just not ready now and the wonderful thing is,

Matilda understands how I feel.

{She is such a sympathetic creature}

So, yesterday at the ART Museum, she and I each found

at the same time,

an English Bull Dog puppet.

He was adopted on the spot and named Benjamin.

He is adorable and means a lot because Matilda was instrumental

in finding him.  I hope to include him in future posts.


Today is hot. I walked my laps early, 6:45 am-ish

 and as I walked, a bike-rider approached from behind.

The rider said: on your left.

I said: Thank you

and as he passed me he said: Good Morning, Peace be with you.

And also with you sir.

How wonderful it was on this hot, stinky morning

to have the Peace of Christ shared.

Have  a wonderful day.

Love you beyond …{please, you fill in the blank}


Camp Robi Recap-The Last Day

We started talking about Camp Robi months ago.

This year, Matilda decided that she would like a sleep over camp…

for three nights {and four days}…and that is exactly what we did.

Re-cap last day, Thursday, day 4…….

Breakfast, yoga and

Photo: Angel food cake with bees made out of sugar.

we baked a cake.

{someone  wrote and asked me where I found the bees…

 on Amazon!}

Matilda had been sketching each morning of Camp-Robi


on this last day she painted what she had been sketching.

Photo: Matilda and watercolors.

Photo: Matilda’s watercolor pug

She painted a pug dog.

We were a bit quiet , knowing that tonight she would be back home.

We had plans to meet her parents at a French Cafe that we like…

and then go to the Rough-riders Baseball game.

We arrived at the cafe first…then her parents came.

She was happy to see them!

The baseball game was rained out…but we had a nice visit…..

I guess you can tell that I miss this happy face…..

AND today is her birthday!

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel. Make  Happy Memories!


It is Thursday but feels like Friday to me.

Happy Birthday to Karen-Susie. Your friendship is a gift to Larry and to me.

Have the BEST day! XOX

When I post this …I must then  work on a painting.

Have a wonderful day…. And birthday  Matilda and Karen!

Love you.


Lauren’s Birthday and Other Random Thoughts

Photo: Ramen noodles for dinner

Yesterday was my oldest Daughters birthday.

She is a wonderful person, an amazing mother & wife and an artist.

I found myself  thinking back over the years….

Where did the time go?

I am not quite sure where the time went,

but what a wonderful journey it has been.

I am thankful every day for my life and the people who are part of it.

Last night, I made ramen bowls for dinner.

Larry and I sat, talking about the day and Lauren’s birthday.

It was a perfect Monday.

Love you.


Happy 6th Birthday Matilda


In the past decade, I have had a few life changing moments.

Being disowned by  a parent,

having breast cancer,

losing a beloved canine companion.

But, with out a doubt, having granddaughter Matilda in our lives,

makes everything RIGHT…if you know what  I mean.

There is something about the continuation of life/generations

that reminds us that all of the other stuff in our lives,

 does not matter.

It does not matter at all.

So, here is to My Girl.

Today she turns 6 years old.

Happy Birthday Ma Cherie

4 days old, with Champagne. Photo by Larry


Thoughtful, curly headed angel…..look at her tiny feet!


This thoughtful girl is the definition of  all things good to me.

She is Love, family, Inspiration and joy

all wrapped into one sweet girl.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

May all your dreams come true.

Love you beyond the moon.



Another Birthday Down

Birthdays are wonderful.

Larry loves my birthday but hates his own.

I cannot understand that.

But I love his day too.

We had a picnic on my birthday at a favorite spot.

Watching this makes me feel a lot of different feelings.

How beautiful this world is.

Our moments, our family, our love.

There is no room for hate.

There is only room for love.

Another birthday down.

It is going to me a wonderful year.

Love you beyond the candles.



It Felt Beautiful

Sunday, Dinner and Movie was postponed. Again.

I was ready to try this new recipe


to be honest, disappointed that dinner did not happen.

Yesterday morning, Libby fell out of the big bed.

She has fallen out one or twice over the years

but has never hurt herself.

Yesterday, she was hurt and had to go see her DR.

Libby has nothing broken and is on pain pills.

While Dr S was checking Libby out, she noticed Libby’s breath.

They are doing tests on her kidneys today.

I could just cry.


I took loopy-Libby out to wet this morning

and the garden was damp from the spring rain.

It felt beautiful.


Yesterday, when My Larry bought the mail in,

he handed me a package and said: Happy Birthday!

I said: What?  My birthday is not till June.

He said: If I give this to you now, I have an excuse to get you something else.

This yarn and pattern was on my Elfster Wish List

and he bought it for me!  I am going to start it today!

{knitting always relaxes me and “centers” me}

Larry, Thank you!

I love you beyond Kitterly {the yarn shop}


I love you beyond the moon.


Birthdays and Anniversaries

Many moments of my life are golden.

Lovely, golden moments of joy and love.

Today we celebrate the birth of Lauren Judith Tolbert Miller.

Born April 2, on a sunny afternoon in Memphis, Tennessee.

She was a good baby, kind child, headstrong teenager and is an amazing adult.

I thank God every day for her.

Lauren Paris

For her birthday, I wish her only days filled with positive energy


to be surrounded by people who adore her.

Happy birthday Lars. I Love you beyond the moon.


On April 2nd, we also celebrate the marriage of Lars and Josh.

In 2005 we all met in Mexico.

{30 of us!)

to witness as they promised to love each other forever.

This is my favorite photo from the ceremony.


Happy Anniversary Lars and Josh.

The two of you are a great team


so very important in my life.

Love you.


A Perfect Weekend

The weekend was perfection.

Matilda spent the night on Friday night.


She played in the guest room at the doll house for hours

and we had a fun time.{it was her first sleep over}

Saturday, found us all {Lars, Josh, Matilda, Jami, Larry and myself}

at the Main Event in Plano,

celebrating my Larry’s birthday.

{we bowled and then Matilda played the games}

On Sunday we went with Matilda to see Santa.


I LOVE how she is looking at Santa!

When we came home….Larry and I took a walk.

I hope that this does not offend anyone,

we call this  walk: The White Trash Walk.

It is a few mile hike to our local Neighborhood Wall Mart.

I buy things and carry the bags home,

looking like a homeless person.

Larry says that we look like white trash.

Yesterday we carried home a bird feeder, bird food

and we had visitors already this morning!


While Larry has been off, at meetings and lunching with clients today,

I finished Jamison’s Christmas gift


will start knitting another hat for Matilda.

She said: I would like a FOX hat for Christmas.

I said: Maybe you should ask Santa.

She said: He does NOT know how to make it, only Robi can make it.

That conversation still makes me smile.

Today is make a knitted FOX hat for ma cherie.

How excellent can any request be?

I Love Christmas.

Love you beyond ribbons and wrapping paper.