Matilda’s 9th Birthday

Yesterday was Matilda’s 9th birthday. Matilda, Lars and Josh were on vacation so we drove up to the cabin to celebrate.

It takes about 3 hours to drive to the cabin from Plano. The day was beautiful and the country drive was calming.

We arrived to the birthday girl and lots of hugs. For lunch we had pizza, Champagne (Sprite for Matilda) and birthday cake. After cake, GIFTS!

She blew out 9 candles and one to grow on. Then, she informed us that she would NOT share her wish because it would not come true if she did.

The day went by at record speed. Matilda is growing into such a charming spirit. I LOVE being around her. Her energy is a gift to me every time that I am near her..

Larry and Matilda played air hockey and pool. Then,we said our goodbyes and Larry & I walked quietly to the car, holding hands.

The day went by so fast, except for the 3 hours ride home to Plano.

Love you beyond the moon.


The Best Weekend

This Monday morning is warm and gloomy. Laundry is swirling and Larry is in his office dealing with things. Work things.

Perhaps I did to much this weekend. I am tired and sore. I am waiting for the insurance company to approve my breast cancer treatments. To be honest, that alone is enough to make a person grumpy.

But we had the BEST weekend…..

On Saturday, The Family met for our traditional Pre-Christmas, Nutcracker outing. It was wonderful. At Lunch, I sat and looked around the table at my beautiful family. I felt amazingly blessed.

Photo: Lunch before the Nutcracker

After lunch, we headed over to the Opera House. Larry and I got stuck in traffic and some how, everyone beat us to the ballet.

Photo: At The Nutcracker. Larry, Lauren, Josh, Matilda, Jamison and Jared.

The ballet this year was wonderful. Look at the smiles.

After the ballet, we said bye to everyone but found Matilda posing in Downtown Dallas.

Photo: Matilda after the ballet. Dallas, Texas

We all said bye again and Larry took me to a little place I love. A sweet young couple we know, own a restaurant on Lower Greenville. I love the wings and pizza there, but most of all I love the energy. It was just what I needed.

We were tired, but…..guess what Sunday was? Larry’s birthday. We had plans to go to the Arboretum. But guess who wanted to surprise her Pa? Yes, Matilda! I must say she surprised him big time.

Photo; Larry and Grinchy Matilda

We were waiting for the gardens to open and while sitting there, a Grinchy Matilda ran up and surprised her Pa. It was priceless.

Photo: Matilda at the Arboretum

I was tired. Really tired. We went and had salads….and then home…. I went to bed. Larry baked cookies, using my mothers recipe and I then, made him a birthday dinner.

Photo: Mini Wellingtons, baked potato and grilled squash. Movie: Home For The Holidays with Holly Hunter and Charles Durning.

Larry had the best weekend ever. It was one for “The Books”… We hope that yours was special too.

Love you belyond the moon.


Today Is Rosemary’s Day

Today is my friend Rosemary’s birthday. I am wishing her Happy Birthday here, on blog, because this is how we met.

Many years ago, one day, while online, she came across Robin Toujours. She realized that we have lived parallel lives. {it is uncanny how many things coincide} I do not know how long she read the blog before she met me on FaceBook…but I am so happy that she did.

Rosemary is the relative that I always wished for. She is my sister and friend.

Photo: Lunch in Austin. Rosemary is in the middle

Dear Rosemary,

Happy Birthday! Larry and I send love and best wishes to you {and David-NTG} today. Your special day.

I wish you good health, lots of love, many special moments and many more years!

Have the best birthday ever!

Much love,

Robin & Larry

PS: You can open your gift today!

Birthdays, Champagne and Unicorns. Oh My.

Photo: Robin’s Birthday flowers {thank you Karen Cox} and Champagne

Yesterday, while preparing to write the blog post, I found a couple of adorable photos. I put them aside till today, hoping to share a special time that I get to observe each June/July.

When our girl~granddaughter~Matilda was born, Larry bought wine to celebrate. When Lauren and Josh brought her home from the hospital, Larry asked if they would mind him taking a few shots of baby Matilda with the wine. They were very accommodating and said yes. Matilda was 3 days old.

Photo: Baby Matilda and celebration Champagne

Starting then and to this day, each year, Larry buys a bottle of Champagne to toast Matilda. He always says that he cannot wait till she is 21 and she can toast with us.

He also has a photo of her with a new Champagne bottle for each year of her life. I will not show them here. They are for Larry to share and they are wonderful!

After the photo shoot of this year, {2019} Matilda came back to The Cottage to start Camp Robi, I caught her smiling at the Champagne and she asked me to take her picture.

Photo: Matilda with Champagne and Robin’s Birthday flowers

What more can I say? Birthdays are the best and next week, while the adults are toasting our angel, Matilda will be hosting a swimming/unicorn party.

I always heard that Grand Children were the best thing to come into the life of the grand~parent. Never knowing exactly what that meant, I just smiled and listened to my friends share about how a grandchild changed their life.

How absolutely true every word they said was.

Having a grandchild is like unicorns becoming real. Special beyond belief and indescribable.

Love you.


Happy Birthday To Jamison

Photo: Jamison

Today is Jamison’s birthday. This girl is a Godsend. He sent her to me when she was born and He plays an important role in her life daily.

Jami has always surprised us. From pregnancy to today, This past year has been difficult for her health-wise and in the coming year, we hope she will continue to heal and return back to life normal.

No matter what life hands Jami, she grabs hold and does what is expected of her. I cannot express how proud of her I am. She makes me feel loved and cared about.

Dearest Jimmers, Happy Birthday! You will never know how important you are to Larry and myself. Continue to follow your heart. We love you very, very much.

Love you beyond birthday cake!


Better Late Than Miss A Day Of Journaling

I am super behind today. Please forgive me.

Meditation Experience~ Day 7 Every thankful moment makes me healthier. I have a problem with anxiety. It started when I was struggling with hyperparathyroidism. {google it?} I was diagnosed with breast cancer and hyperparathyroidism at the same time. It was a nightmare. When I am anxious now, it frightens me because i think that I might be sick again. My check ups are once a year. Meditation and centering myself is best for my cancer and hyperparathyroidism. Being thankful is even better than mediation. Thankful moments are that split second joy that makes you breathe and smile.


Yesterday we celebrated Lauren’s birthday, even though her birthday is tomorrow. We enjoyed brunch and then went to the Heard Museum in McKinney Texas for a hike, It was perfection. Lauren Josh, Matilda, Jami, Larry and myself hiked. {Jared was working} I have a few shots from the hike on my phone and will post them later.

About Sunday, Dinner and Movie…….Larry and I came home and did a few chores around the cottage, It was a beautiful day. Then…he made one of his famous BOARDS. It is really a cheese plate, only fancier.

Photo: One of Larry’s “Boards”

We snacked in the big bed while we watched Please Don’t Eat The Daisy’s. {in case you do not know, this is my comfort/favorite movie}

Photo: Goat cheese with edible flowers

One of the cheeses had flowers on it and it was delicious. Larry outdid himself.

Today is busy. It has gotten away from me and I might not ever catch up…..Have the lovelist of days. I am thankful for YOU.

Love you.


Peace Be With You,

It was a fun, busy weekend.

Matilda’s birthday party was on Saturday.

Photo: Matilda and her new bow

and on Sunday, we went to the Modern ART Museum in Ft Worth

to see the  Murakami exhibit with Matilda.

The exhibit was striking and quite visual.

Incorporating  unique ways of creating ART on  and with different materials

…I enjoyed it very much.


Since Libby left us, many friends have been suggesting that we adopt another dog.

I am just not ready now and the wonderful thing is,

Matilda understands how I feel.

{She is such a sympathetic creature}

So, yesterday at the ART Museum, she and I each found

at the same time,

an English Bull Dog puppet.

He was adopted on the spot and named Benjamin.

He is adorable and means a lot because Matilda was instrumental

in finding him.  I hope to include him in future posts.


Today is hot. I walked my laps early, 6:45 am-ish

 and as I walked, a bike-rider approached from behind.

The rider said: on your left.

I said: Thank you

and as he passed me he said: Good Morning, Peace be with you.

And also with you sir.

How wonderful it was on this hot, stinky morning

to have the Peace of Christ shared.

Have  a wonderful day.

Love you beyond …{please, you fill in the blank}


Camp Robi Recap-The Last Day

We started talking about Camp Robi months ago.

This year, Matilda decided that she would like a sleep over camp…

for three nights {and four days}…and that is exactly what we did.

Re-cap last day, Thursday, day 4…….

Breakfast, yoga and

Photo: Angel food cake with bees made out of sugar.

we baked a cake.

{someone  wrote and asked me where I found the bees…

 on Amazon!}

Matilda had been sketching each morning of Camp-Robi


on this last day she painted what she had been sketching.

Photo: Matilda and watercolors.

Photo: Matilda’s watercolor pug

She painted a pug dog.

We were a bit quiet , knowing that tonight she would be back home.

We had plans to meet her parents at a French Cafe that we like…

and then go to the Rough-riders Baseball game.

We arrived at the cafe first…then her parents came.

She was happy to see them!

The baseball game was rained out…but we had a nice visit…..

I guess you can tell that I miss this happy face…..

AND today is her birthday!

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel. Make  Happy Memories!


It is Thursday but feels like Friday to me.

Happy Birthday to Karen-Susie. Your friendship is a gift to Larry and to me.

Have the BEST day! XOX

When I post this …I must then  work on a painting.

Have a wonderful day…. And birthday  Matilda and Karen!

Love you.


Lauren’s Birthday and Other Random Thoughts

Photo: Ramen noodles for dinner

Yesterday was my oldest Daughters birthday.

She is a wonderful person, an amazing mother & wife and an artist.

I found myself  thinking back over the years….

Where did the time go?

I am not quite sure where the time went,

but what a wonderful journey it has been.

I am thankful every day for my life and the people who are part of it.

Last night, I made ramen bowls for dinner.

Larry and I sat, talking about the day and Lauren’s birthday.

It was a perfect Monday.

Love you.