In The Balance

What an interesting weekend it was.

Cold weather interfered with well laid plans.

On Saturday,

we ended up at the movies to see a comedy,

with Donald Sutherland.

Photo: At my desk, titled: In The Balance

The movie was  Leisure Seekers.

It is NOT a comedy. Not at all.

Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland are favorites of ours,

the acting was perfect….but the story …..well, not a comedy.

I wish we had investigated more about it before we went…

Yesterday, we went to church,

{and met the most wonderful Reverend

who was a substitute this weekend}

Then off to Dallas, Children’s Theater

to see the play,

Legend of The Bluebonnet.

{with Matilda, Lauren & Josh}

It was such a good production. It had heart.

We came home to Sunday Dinner and Movie.

Pizza, salad and bread. {we even had wine}

We did not watch a movie completely through…

so it does not count.

Last week, I received some wonderful messages.

From wonderful people.

To those of you who reached out and touched me…merci.

Life is a sensitive balance


as we journey forward, we must keep that balance .

We all lose the balance at times….

and that is ok…it happens to all of us.

We must just keep smiling and keep going.

Insert smiley face here!

Love you.