Yesterday and Today

Can you believe that it is Tuesday already? Yesterday flew by so fast that I cannot remember what exactly I did.

Perhaps it flew by because I am trying diligently to bypass the news during the day. My days are spent testing recipes, ART, reading and knitting a sweater for Larry. OH! Yesterday I also played a video game with Matilda! She was at her house one hour away, and I was home. We played Terraria. An hour with (granddaughter) Matilda always brightens my day.

I am up early this morning and have a DRs appointment. The house is dark and I can hear Good Morning America on the bedroom TV.

Photo: In the Dark Hallway. 5:30 am

I am going to try to have meaningful moments all day today. (And remember them tomorrow)

Love you beyond the moon.


Dun, Dun, Dunnnnnn

Last year, Larry and I “happened” to be at our Granddaughters school during ART Show. I took the photo below while Matilda was having fun with friends. I have been going through old photos and old memories…

Photo: My favorite girl

The image makes me happy. You can see Matilda’s fingers at the side of the painting…and it reminds me of the silly, spooky kids TV shows from years ago, where someone would hide behind a masterpiece painting and their eyes would follow you around the room. The music would be dun, dun, dunnnnn.

Have a wonderful day.

Love you beyond the moon.


Dear Hoda Kotb

Wednesday. I have made it to Wednesday. Christmas thank you notes beg to be written and the day is gloomy with fog and drizzle. I hope that Thursday will be better.

Yesterday, on his lunch hour, Larry took me to the Dallas Zoo. We walked for an hour. {with breaks} And took a wonderful lunch break near the giraffes, where we nibbled popcorn and drank a Dr Pepper. {I gave up caffeine awhile ago and now it is a treat to have it} It was a beautiful day and we talked a lot, did not solve any world problems, but we talked about them.

Today I am painting. Matilda invited us to come to her house on Sunday January 19 because it is her 1/2 birthday. We have celebrated this occasion since she was tiny. I am painting her a rock. A paperweight. I found the rock at the zoo yesterday.

Photo: Rock Painting sketch

The sketch is simple and fun. I will post the completed project photo later.

Last Saturday, I had stepped outside onto the porch, and there was a box. We did not hear a delivery man…and found this sweet box on the porch behind Garfield. {Garfield is 3′ tall and is a concrete gnome. He is the Tolbert welcoming committee} Inside the box was a book for me!

I am obsessed with this book and pick it up whenever I am near it. I REALLY NEEDED THIS TODAY~ words to live by~ Hoda Kotb.

Photo: My new obsession.

Reading this book and its interesting contents, gently reminds me that I am OK. I am not the only person in my situation and it is OK to be feeling what I am feeling.

As you can see, Hoda’s book is in my work room. It is a book of support, kindness and quotes! Each day {yes they are dated} Each day has a quote. They are positive reminders, nudges and downright comments on what is going on in your life and the life of the people around you. It is so unlike my devotionals that I am in awe of how the quotes work into my days.

Dear Hoda. Your book was sent to me by a sweet friend and her Mother. Honestly, I have been struggling lately and your book is a bright spot in my morning. {or afternoon if I need to read it again to just smile} I find the quotes instrumental in my daily attitude.

The times in our life, when we are the most vulnerable, I have noticed that the most wonderful friends make themselves known. Hoda, I have to consider you one of these friends now. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.~ Toujours, Robin

So, comes the end of today’s Post. I never know if I will post tomorrow. The blog is one of my favorite things and I dislike how it is “up in the air” right now. Completing goals are difficult right now but Larry says that I am getting better every day! If he says that it is true, it must be, right?

Love you beyond the moon.


My Blurring Days

My days have been passing in a blur. Life is touched by my best of friends. They ask: How are you. That is when you know that someone cares. Just saying: How are you and then listening to the answer makes someone, very special in your life.

My Larry took me to the Kimbell Museum last Saturday. The Renoir Exhibit was open to members and Larry took me to ART and lunch.

I like Renoir, but his work does not “thrill” me. I do have a favorite Renoir. It is a beautiful piece and it gives me a calm feeling.

Photo: Title:Girl Crocheting

I took this shot on Saturday. I wanted to share the painting in the lighting as I saw it…..calm. Right? It makes me sigh.

It is Tuesday morning. The sun is not up yet….let the blurr begin.

Love you.


Dog Days Are Over

Photo: Paris at sunset

Larry and I go on Fall Holiday next month . Why does it feel like we leave tomorrow? { just wishing, I suppose?}

Today, I am starting the prayer list. Each year, Larry and I gather a list of names of people who are in need of prayer. While on holiday we light candles and pray for each person. We call this, “First Night Prayers”….if you would like your name or someone whom you know, who is in need of prayer put on the list…..Please email me at:

Along with Prayers today, I am finishing another Christmas gift. Getting everything finished early feels “right” to me this year. Fingers crossed that I can manage it all.

At least, the dog days of summer are finally over.

Photo: The Atlanta Areboretum

Because the season has changed, I feel inspired to get things organized and some ART completed. When I feel this way, I usually like the ART I create. That is unusual for me to like anything I create. You can smile.

Taking about ART. Larry and I saw a movie last weekend. It was titled, Pain And Glory. It is a Spanish movie with English subtitles. I loved the movie….and in the movie was the most amazing ART. I am planning to see the movie again, just to look at the ART. Check it out..the movie is great.

Photo: Last weeks movie

Please have a good Thursday….it is my favorite day of the week.

Love you beyond the moon.


London Sky

Photo: London Sky, 2010- by robin-oil on gallery wrapped canvas

I adore the UK. This is one of the tributes I created in honor of London. I have been to England a few times and cannot seem to get enough. I will be going again soon. Can you hear/see the excitment in my font?

The painting above is for sale. It is 24″ X 30″. If you are interested please email me. Other available ART is at the link below.

Love you beyond the moon.


Abstract Highlights Painting Number 11

ART highlight day is here.

Today I have 4 paintings. {a set? or would you like just one?}

They were painted around 12 years ago…

They are 12″ X 12″ Oil on gallery canvas.

I do not remember much about them,

except they were painted

around Valentines Day one year long ago.

If you are interested, please email me at  for pricing information.

Mention paintings number 11.


I walked my laps this morning.

It is cooler today and  the sunrise was beautiful.

The lake is low because of the lack of rain,

and the ducks were wading in the mud,

plopping around with their huge feet.

Have a happy Wednesday.

 I love you beyond the moon.



It is January 2nd.

I am honestly happy in my heart.

Today started with the first day

of a sketching challenge.

I am so rusty, but I loved it!

No, you cannot see my sketch yet

{it is not very good}

but I know that each day with practice,

my lines and shading will return.

What will you do to stretch your talents?

Please try something?

Just for me?

Let me know what you are doing.

Love you.


Three Bags At A Time

I have not been sleeping well.

At night, I toss, turn and look at my phone.

Days have been perfect, but I think perhaps

that I have not been exercising enough.

There are 4 projects on my work table,

tonight is Book Club,

My Larry has been long gone across town for meetings,

Libby has been throwing up once a day


I feel like merde. {excuse my French}

I will close the blog for a few days.

{but please stop by, I will be posting a daily photo or two)

Umbrella Girl 

The sun was shining as she flew into the clouds.

Taking the time to catch up with herself


the ones around her, was a priority.

The jelly bean wishes that she dreamed about at night

might come true after all.


Do you know that My Larry buys a lot of  jelly beans?

{three bags at a time}

He digs out the black ones and throws them away.


I love The Man.