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Three Bags At A Time

I have not been sleeping well.

At night, I toss, turn and look at my phone.

Days have been perfect, but I think perhaps

that I have not been exercising enough.

There are 4 projects on my work table,

tonight is Book Club,

My Larry has been long gone across town for meetings,

Libby has been throwing up once a day


I feel like merde. {excuse my French}

I will close the blog for a few days.

{but please stop by, I will be posting a daily photo or two)

Umbrella Girl 

The sun was shining as she flew into the clouds.

Taking the time to catch up with herself


the ones around her, was a priority.

The jelly bean wishes that she dreamed about at night

might come true after all.


Do you know that My Larry buys a lot of  jelly beans?

{three bags at a time}

He digs out the black ones and throws them away.


I love The Man.


If I Close My Eyes

It is interesting how we all have our own perspective.

Are we born with a certain perspective or do we learn it from those around us? img_5972

I confess. The oil paints have not been out in months


I cannot get enough of watercolors.

I make paper and take it with me on trips…bringing along brushes and paints.

Paris was interesting this year. I made 12 sheets of paper

and have only 4 paints to show.

It is all in the perspective I guess, but I am happy.



What is it about new places that shake up your senses


inspire you beyond belief?

“My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool:

It gives me the entire world.”

~Ursula Le Guin~

 I love knowing that the entire world is mine….if I just close my eyes.

Love you.