Abstract Highlights Painting Number 11

ART highlight day is here.

Today I have 4 paintings. {a set? or would you like just one?}

They were painted around 12 years ago…

They are 12″ X 12″ Oil on gallery canvas.

I do not remember much about them,

except they were painted

around Valentines Day one year long ago.

If you are interested, please email me at

robin@robintolbert.com  for pricing information.

Mention paintings number 11.


I walked my laps this morning.

It is cooler today and  the sunrise was beautiful.

The lake is low because of the lack of rain,

and the ducks were wading in the mud,

plopping around with their huge feet.

Have a happy Wednesday.

 I love you beyond the moon.



It is January 2nd.

I am honestly happy in my heart.

Today started with the first day

of a sketching challenge.

I am so rusty, but I loved it!

No, you cannot see my sketch yet

{it is not very good}

but I know that each day with practice,

my lines and shading will return.

What will you do to stretch your talents?

Please try something?

Just for me?

Let me know what you are doing.

Love you.


Three Bags At A Time

I have not been sleeping well.

At night, I toss, turn and look at my phone.

Days have been perfect, but I think perhaps

that I have not been exercising enough.

There are 4 projects on my work table,

tonight is Book Club,

My Larry has been long gone across town for meetings,

Libby has been throwing up once a day


I feel like merde. {excuse my French}

I will close the blog for a few days.

{but please stop by, I will be posting a daily photo or two)

Umbrella Girl 

The sun was shining as she flew into the clouds.

Taking the time to catch up with herself


the ones around her, was a priority.

The jelly bean wishes that she dreamed about at night

might come true after all.


Do you know that My Larry buys a lot of  jelly beans?

{three bags at a time}

He digs out the black ones and throws them away.


I love The Man.


If I Close My Eyes

It is interesting how we all have our own perspective.

Are we born with a certain perspective or do we learn it from those around us? img_5972

I confess. The oil paints have not been out in months


I cannot get enough of watercolors.

I make paper and take it with me on trips…bringing along brushes and paints.

Paris was interesting this year. I made 12 sheets of paper

and have only 4 paints to show.

It is all in the perspective I guess, but I am happy.



What is it about new places that shake up your senses


inspire you beyond belief?

“My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool:

It gives me the entire world.”

~Ursula Le Guin~

 I love knowing that the entire world is mine….if I just close my eyes.

Love you.