It is January 2nd.

I am honestly happy in my heart.

Today started with the first day

of a sketching challenge.

I am so rusty, but I loved it!

No, you cannot see my sketch yet

{it is not very good}

but I know that each day with practice,

my lines and shading will return.

What will you do to stretch your talents?

Please try something?

Just for me?

Let me know what you are doing.

Love you.


Something ART Related

It is true.

This is  my official 2017 self portrait.

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To much is happening.

My focus changes by the moment.

Many things get worked on


nothing gets completed.

There is much ART in me, that is busting to escape.

I have a great idea.

For one week, each day I must finish…

…something ART related.

My desk and easel.

Here are my watercolors….colors like this make me happy.

This is a pincushion perspective

of my work table….

So, the stage is set.

Day one of the

Robin’s Personal ART Challenge

has begun.


What will you start or finish today?

Much love to you.