In His Arms

Yesterday was a good day.

I had a {GREAT} visit with our family DR.

Since I am finished all cancer treatments,

it is time to get this old bod back in shape.

{today is post cancer blood work, for a baseline}


Larry worked from home yesterday.

I cooked dinner


we cuddled, watching The Bachelor.

He kept asking:

what is wrong with people?

Are they so unhappy alone

that they have to compete with 25 others for love?

Then two of the girls had a big fight.

He said:

Oh. That’s why people watch this.

I was still lying in his arms when

he turned the channel to DATELINE.

Some evenings are just to good for words.

Photo: We were married on August 20th, 1977. Larry proposed on Feb 14th, 1977. our anniversary is coming up! I have his gift , but since he is a loyal blog reader, I must wait to share it with you…..

Love you.



Brunch~Anniversary Cards~Sense and Sensibility

Yesterday was wonderful.

Larry and I went to brunch

where we sat in the cool restaurant enjoying each other.

Talking, laughing, crying.

We sat in our favorite booth,


the piano player played a song that was played at our wedding.

After brunch, we went to the garden center.


bought a few new plants for the entry area of The Cottage.

Each year we give each other the same card for our anniversary.

When it gets filled up, we buy another

and slip it under the ribbon.

I took pictures.

The first entry is from August 2007.

ten years of entries!

Thanks for letting me know that my math was wrong Dima.


Laundry is swirling.

I have cut out fabric


will soon be sewing while doing laundry.

The playlist for today is

Soundtrack from Sense and Sensibility.

{It is awesome for a Monday morning}

Be happy today dear hearts.

I love you more than chocolate.





Birthdays and Anniversaries

Many moments of my life are golden.

Lovely, golden moments of joy and love.

Today we celebrate the birth of Lauren Judith Tolbert Miller.

Born April 2, on a sunny afternoon in Memphis, Tennessee.

She was a good baby, kind child, headstrong teenager and is an amazing adult.

I thank God every day for her.

Lauren Paris

For her birthday, I wish her only days filled with positive energy


to be surrounded by people who adore her.

Happy birthday Lars. I Love you beyond the moon.


On April 2nd, we also celebrate the marriage of Lars and Josh.

In 2005 we all met in Mexico.

{30 of us!)

to witness as they promised to love each other forever.

This is my favorite photo from the ceremony.


Happy Anniversary Lars and Josh.

The two of you are a great team


so very important in my life.

Love you.