Dear Jacques Pepin and Aggie

Today, Macy’s is having a huge pop up sale online and bought Larry a new winter coat. The original price is $495 and I got it for $145. Shushhhhhh. it is a secret.

Larry is the most difficult person on my list to buy for. Talking about gifts……..

Last year my cousin in CA sent me the most wonderful book.

Photo: The perfect gift for foodies

She wanted me to keep up with Sunday Dinners in this amazing journal for menus. I had a hard time keeping up with dinners (Last year was difficult for me) and guess who took over the menu book? Larry did! If I had known how well he keeps up with the menus, I would have given him a copy of the book earlier. He takes photos and makes notes, and always says: Aggie! This book is perfection!

Photo: Larry writing in the menu book

His handwriting is nice and he is articulate about the Sunday meals. Much better than anything I recorded in the beginning of the book.

When Aggie gave me this book, I adored it. Truth be told, I love it even more now that Larry has taken charge. It is turning into quite a treasure. Thank you again Aggie. You are the best.

Have you started shopping for the holidays yet? There are great deals out there…and please try to enjoy the process. It feels daunting but it will be ok. I think.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.