Happy, Safe 4th Of July

Today while I walked my laps, {it was 6:40 am}

I kept thinking of a picture…of Libby.

It was her 4th of July picture years ago.

It made me quite sentimental….and tearful.

When I came home from working out, I cleaned up


kept thinking of the picture, went to look for it….and I found it.

Here she is. Giving us that Libby look that I miss so much!

Larry and I  {and Libby} wish you a Happy, safe 4th of July.

Love you beyond the fireworks.


So Worth It

Last night, Larry made dessert.

Our healthy  dinner was  chicken, rice and corn


then we splurged on brownie sundaes

{it was sooooo worth it!}.

Good job Larry.

This year, I brought sea glass home from Kaua’i.

I swear, I looked at the glass every day

before I decided how I would accomplish  making

the jewelry, I had in mind.

I am pleased to say, that yesterday I started this sea glass necklace.

It is well on  its way


it is just a work in progress.

I will fine tune the technique as I go.

This necklace is Lauren’s

Please don’t tell her. It is a secret.


Happy 4Th Of July.

May this anniversary of our independence remind us all

how blessed we are to live in America.

God Bless America.

Love you.