Sunday Dinner and Movie

A couple of months ago,

Larry bought tickets for a Fathom event

at our cinema.

It was to see South Pacific

and so very generous of him,

because I do not think he has ever seen

the movie from beginning to end before.

{Do you think he knew it was a  musical?}

Photo: Movie tickets

This came on a day that we were homesick for Kaua’i

so it was perfect.


When we came home, we were not hungry….

so we indulged,

nibbling on a Jalapeno Popper Cheese Ball

that I made the day before.

{Has Chef Valentine ever blogged about this amazing recipe?

Do readers want the recipe?}

Photo: Sunday dinner. Cheese ball and wheat crackers.

It was really good….


Just a note: I am in training.

My Dr’s inspiration {she is running the Chicago Marathon in Oct}

and Larry’s coaching,

are getting me ready for a quarter marathon.

Did I really just type that?

We are registered and training.

Six miles is A LOT for me….Ok, I am smiling.

This is going to be very interesting.

I am up to five miles, five times a week.

Look for updates and b-i-itching in the next three weeks.


I must post this and go buy a “runners belt” on Amazon.

whatever that is…..

Have a happy, wonderful day.

Love you.


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