Valentine Weekend {#1}


Our weekend started on Friday.

We had a picnic at the  Meyerson Symphony Center

and then went to a concert.

Where the DSO performed  one of my Favorite symphonies.

Rachmaninoff No.2

It is my absolute favorite…

Please listen to the video above?

The video is not the Dallas Symphony.

{Larry bought the tickets 6 months ago}

Then on Sunday…we went to tea.

High tea at the Dallas Arboretum. It was perfect.

Photo: High Tea at the Dallas Arboretum
Photo: Larry gave me this perfect card and a gift card for a massage at my favorite spa!
Photo: Larry sipping tea while looking at the book I had made for him with the secret Paris Photos
Photo: The tea room was quiet on the bitter cold Dallas afternoon.

I had a wonderful weekend….

I hope that you did too.

Love you.


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