I had the best day yesterday. It was beautiful outside, I went to yoga and had a very good practice and then…. I got all of the mini paintings finished. All of them!

The mini paintings are to make into cards and send from France while on holiday. They were so much fun to make, I enjoyed every bit of the experience.

Photo: 50 mini paintings on canvas. I am keeping the paintings hidden.

Larry said, are you sure that you want to put so much time into the cards this year? (I said YES!)

He asked me that because…. most of the holiday greeting cards we get are those unsigned, photo cards that seem popular with a certain age-group. I guess the sender thinks that since the card has a photo of the family, they don’t have to sign it, because we know who it is from? Don’t the senders know how rude that is? (Sorry. This is a holiday pet peeve )

I am off to glue the 50 canvases onto the card stock now…I love when a project comes together!

Have a great day.

Love you beyond the moon.


One thought on “Stacked

  1. Sandy says:

    What an amazing beautiful card of love.
    I hope they are received as the art they are.
    You my dear are special.
    Sending you love.

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