Sounds Cozy

I am home and it is raining.

Soon there will be a pot roast in the crock pot.

That sounds cozy to me today.

Yesterday I spent a few hours at Dr L’s office.

{he is our GP}

I had not seen him in awhile, I see so many specialists,

that he only gets notes about me.

He is checking my liver enzymes, again,

declares my skin cancer surgery a success


took X-rays of my finger.

I tripped over Libby the day before MOHs surgery.

{Libby was not hurt at all}

My finger hurt but it was not important at the time.

So, two and one half weeks after the fall, X-rays showed

that my finger is fractured.

I have to wear this beautiful, snaggy, splint and go see DR L in one week.

AND OMG! When did my hands turn into my Mother’s hands????

And that was just my yesterday morning.

Last night,

Larry took me to dinner at Gloria’s and was delicious.

I ate as much as I could…

and then we went to Prosper, TX for Matilda’s soccer game.

We took her an Easter card…{and a chocolate bunny}

It was an amazing game last night.

Sometimes, God just has to show us what is important in our lives.

Who cares about a broken finger when I can watch Matilda play soccer?

Dear God,

Thank you for reminding me what is important.


Love you.


One thought on “Sounds Cozy

  1. Amy says:

    That was lovely! It’s amazing how the little things are really the big things!

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