Sharing Moments


On Saturday, we drove to Ft Worth {I LOVE Ft Worth}


went to the Kimbell ART Museum.

Larry and I have been wanting to see the Phillips Collection for months


 it was wonderful.

If you have a chance to see the exhibit before it goes….

please do it.

There are some very special pieces in the show.

{One Matisse, in particular,

that I have NEVER seen, anywhere before!}

I bought a magnet at the exhibit

and I bet you cannot guess which one is the new magnet.


I heard at car in front of The Cottage

It was about 10 after 7 am this morning….

and it was Animal Control!

The man, went to our new neighbors house, next door.

I peeked past the bitters bottles…but could not see anything.

I hope that no one was hurt. {dog bite?}


I had cherry pie for breakfast today.

I almost never have breakfast….but this was so good.


There is a photo that Matilda has not seen of herself….

and since her birthday pinata this weekend is a unicorn,

I will post the photo of baby Matilda

in Libby’s Unicorn costume…

Matilda, ma cherie,  I am sure that Libby did not mind 

you trying on the unnicorn hat.

besides, it makes me smile.

So dear ones.

On that happy pink unicorn note

I will wish you happy Tuesday.

Love you beyond the moon.


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