Share Your Heart

What a weekend.

On Saturday we went to the Ft Worth Stock show. It is my favorite rodeo of all time. I had a corn dog. It was wonderful.

Photo: Stock Show-Getting ready for the show

Sunday I walked a much needed 4 miles, went to see one of the Oscar nominated movies, {Favourite}, made Sunday, Dinner and Movie, had a reflexology appointment and a nose bleed. {yes, in that order}

Sunday dinner consisted of chicken soup, cheese on toast with tomato and hot cheese puffs. The Turner Classic that was on was The Mating Game, with Debbie Reynolds and Tony Randall. We had never seen it so we watched as we enjoyed the meal.

Photo: Sunday Dinner and Movie

Now, here we are. A brand new week.

One of our greatest {couple} friends, who live in Memphis, lost their Father/Father-in-law late last week. Larry and I wish them strength, love and happy memories as they share Mr Aven’s legacy.

Our Mr Garcia is being interned today at the Tennessee Veterans Cemetery. Prayers are being whispered for the family.

Have a great day. Share your heart today, we never know what tomorrow might bring.

Love you.


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