Travels~ Home from France

Larry and I have returned from Paris.

{December 2018}

We had a lovely time,

and the days were filled with ART, love and happy moments…

Photo: view from our dining room.


Pittsburgh, PA  August 2018

Photo: Phipps Conservatory- Pittsburgh, PA

Last week, Larry and I spent a long weekend in Pittsburgh.

My Mother was born in Pittsburgh

and between visits and living there for a few years when I was small,

It felt like home.

Larry and I visited cousins

and enjoyed our time very much.

{ we w ill be going back to visit soon}


Paris 2017 is a wonderful memory.

Photo: this is Larry’s shot. The weather was perfect this year and so much happened.


August 2017

We are home from London,

where I celebrated 5 years, breast cancer free.

It was my second trip to London, why did it feel  brand new?

Larry and I were in London in August.

Tea was celebrated at Kensington Palace.

We drank Champagne and strolled through Diana’s Garden.

It was my second trip to London…and I love it.

We came home for 3 days, then went to Richmond, VA.

Larry’s corporate office is there


I visited friends and visited a few places that had

amazing memories.

It was a wonderful month of travels.