Our Travels

ATLANTA-Larry and I went to Atlanta! My good friend came to the states from France, for her birthday. All friends met as we celebrated her special day. In this process, Larry and I had a lovely visit. http://robintolbert.com/escape-to-atlanta-part-two/

It was a wonderful visit.

Photo: The Atlanta Arboretum


LONDON-He took me to London for my birthday!

Photo: Me In London.~65th birthday

On Christmas Day 2018, Larry gave me a packet filled with itinerary. We were going to London to celebrate my early birthday!!! I was so happy…..but….as it seems, no one asked me about our Christmas. {what?} It is true. NO ONE ASKED. Sooooo, I did not tell anyone about the trip until a few weeks before we left}

We flew over in really comfy seats, We had theater tickets, we had tea at Kensington Palace, went to museums and we had the absolute best BIRTHDAY celebration in the world.

Pictures HERE!—-> https://www.flickr.com/photos/pastelginger/albums/72157708169944575

It was a huge birthday for me…..and thank you Larry for always making everything ok for me. You are perfect.


PARIS-Larry and I have returned from Paris.

{December 2018}

We had a lovely time,

and the days were filled with ART, love and happy moments…

Photo: view from our dining room.


PITTSBURGH-Pittsburgh, PA  August 2018

Photo: Phipps Conservatory- Pittsburgh, PA

Last week, Larry and I spent a long weekend in Pittsburgh.

My Mother was born in Pittsburgh

and between visits and living there for a few years when I was small,

It felt like home.

Larry and I visited cousins

and enjoyed our time very much.

{ we w ill be going back to visit soon}


PARIS-Paris 2017 is a wonderful memory.

Photo: this is Larry’s shot. The weather was perfect this year and so much happened.


LONDON-August 2017

We are home from London,

where I celebrated 5 years, breast cancer free.

It was my second trip to London, why did it feel  brand new?

Larry and I were in London in August.

Tea was celebrated at Kensington Palace.

We drank Champagne and strolled through Diana’s Garden.

It was my second trip to London…and I love it.

We came home for 3 days, then went to Richmond, VA.

Larry’s corporate office is there


I visited friends and visited a few places that had

amazing memories.

It was a wonderful month of travels.