Secret Paris Photos_2017

Photo: Paris 2017

One cold Paris day, Larry went in search of a

small stamp store he heard about.

I chose to sit quietly, read a magazine


take a few photos.

The photos below were from our walk home….

Photo: Tourists at Le Louvre

This is a popular pose at the Louvre….kind of silly…

Do you see Larry?

He is to the right in an overcoat.

I wonder what he took a picture of?


Photo: Selfie in Paris 2017

There should a law against people over 50 years old taking selfies.

{we were laughing so hard}


Photo: Glass of wine back at the apartment. 2017

When we got back to the apartment, we had a cheese plate and this wine.

{and watched France’s version of Big Brother on TV}


Love you.


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