Robin In Real Life

Yesterday…. Matilda took us to see The Lion King for her birthday. Then we had lunch at The Blue Goose and she opened her gifts from Larry and myself. It was such a great morning. {Do I really have to wait one entire year to do it again?}

Larry and I had chores to do. To be completely honest, I do not like Sunday chores. I love church service, family and Sunday dinners. WOW that really makes me sound old. {I am laughing}

For Sunday dinner Larry made one of his famous boards. it was wonderful. I made him a new appetizer for the “board”….it was very good.

Photo: The Board

We watched the movie, Dan In Real Life. Then I had my weekly reflexology appointment and I slept very well last night. (which is unusual}

If you would like me to post the recipe for the pinwheels….please leave a comment below. It seems like not many people care if Chef posts recipes or not. {I have had special cook-books made for my daughters and I do not think they read my blog right now let alone look at the recipes} If there are enough people requesting recipe posts, I will add recipes on a more regular basis.

Photo: matilda at the archery range

Larry, the above picture is for you. Perhaps you will feel inspired to pick out your new bow now? {for fathers day, I gave Larry a bow, that he must pick out. So far no decision has been made.} Larry Happy Fathers Day! Please pick out your bow?

I wish you a perfect Monday. May your heart sing with the memories of loved ones.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


3 thoughts on “Robin In Real Life

  1. Rosemary says:

    Always interested in your recipes, Robin!!🥰

  2. Lauren Hiers says:

    I would love the recipe for the pinwheels. We always enjoy your recipes.

  3. Karen says:

    I love your recipes so please post it.

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