Return To Me

I went to the DR yesterday and my blood pressure was so high, my DR is having me chart it for 2 weeks. (Yikes) I am also having a dozen tests done this week. My question is….when an office looks like this, who wouldn’t have high blood pressure?

Photos: Top: The outer waiting room. Middle: The Exam room. Bottom: the cartoon video instructing us how to meditate.

I walked around the lake a couple of times when I came home from the DR and it gave me time to think. After dealing with surgery and treatment from #2 breast cancer, I have not been eating well, days are NOT spent exercising like I should and anxiety is always nudging my brain… is just such an odd time.

It is an odd time for ALL OF US and we worry about the friends that we have not heard from. They are included in my daily prayers, hoping that they are just preoccupied and not ill.

There is a movie that I like. It is considered one of our Comfort Movies. It is “Return to Me”…..Have you seen it? The soundtrack is playing this morning and I feel very sentimental. Often, I wonder if everyone is feeling like me, having high blood pressure, prayerful and feeling sentimental?

Photo: Movie, Return to Me

Return to me is one of my favorite movies. It reminds me what is truly important in our lives. The music is one of my favorite soundtracks…. even Larry likes it. Please watch it if you feel inclined, or better yet, listen to the soundtrack. It will remind you what is important in your life. (LOVE)

I send love and calm to you today.

Love you beyond the moon.


2 thoughts on “Return To Me

  1. Bobbie Severance-Roach says:

    you are in my prayers….

  2. Rosemary Grossman says:

    Hi Robin…
    How are you feeling? Is your BP back to normal? I hope so. I thought of you and Larry an extra time or two this week. I was admiring our beautiful Waterford pitcher while petting the doggies (3 with Whitney’s Ember) and sipping a Mimosa. Suddenly I jumped up…realizing we could mix the drinks in the pitcher and pour them from there…feels very classy and fun. The dogs thought I was doing a dance, or something like that, and they started jumping around too!! Thanks again for this wonderful gift. We will always remember and think of you and Larry Be well💕

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