Ree! I Bit The Bullet

I have become a pizza snob and blame it on Europe. London and France serve the best pizzas in the world. The crust is thin, almost non existent compared to the healthy{ish} toppings. Since my diet has changed, my pizza ideals have changed. {I try not to eat white flour or white sugar}

Lets be honest, pizzas in Texas are thick crust with so many toppings that the crust has to be an inch thick to hold them all. I could eat regular pizzas once, a long time ago…but now, I promised Larry that we can have our favorite pizzas here at The Cottage.

Today I bit the bullet. The Pioneer Woman has a “Foolproof” pizza dough that she has on her web site and uses on her show often. I just made the dough. I have tired pizza dough before but it was never this easy. Did I do something wrong?

Photo: Pizza dough ready for the fridge

The dough was made in the mixer, put in the bowl, covered tightly and put in the fridge. Recipe said, it is best made 24 hours in advance, but 3 or 4 days is even better! I had to laugh! BUT I made the dough today and will assemble the pizzas on Sunday for Super Bowl. {3 days away}

The dough makes two pizzas. I will make one meat and one veggie. Please look for a Pizza Post next week!

The Pioneer Woman is always consistent and most often cooks clean… if you or anyone you know has made this pizza dough, I will love to hear from experienced pizza crust makers!

I love the idea of having a healthy pizza here at home…

Love you.


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