It feels like rain outside.

I sat on the patio for about an hour this morning,

listening to the birds and daydreaming about my day.

I have always loved sitting on the patio of The Cottage.

This time of year especially.

{Spring! Glorious spring!}

I remember Lauren and Jami joining me when they were little


sometimes my Mother would come over to visit.

She would sit at the table, cigarette in hand, ash-tray nearby.

We have lived in The Cottage for a long time….

and have such lovely memories.

Now, spring 2017.

I am ready to create, celebrate, travel and love.

What about you? Are you ready?

Love you.


2 thoughts on “Ready

  1. Sandy

    I just want to say that your messages, thoughts, ramblings you call them are priceless as a mother daughter sister loved one to have forever words from Me… I hope this blog can be printed and put in a book as a family treasure. Love you. Me

    1. robin Post author

      Sandy, isn’t it interesting how our daily thoughts, personal as they might be, have the ability to touch another person? It is nice to know when that happens sometimes. Thank you for being part of my life my amazingly awesome friend. XOX


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