Que, Sera, Sera

Photo: Sunday Dinner

On Sunday, Dinner and Movie, Larry and I grilled chickens, made potato salad and bought rolls for dinner. I made an ice cream pie for dessert.

You know that Doris Day has been my favorite actress since I saw one of her movies at a drive in theater, outside Philadelphia, in the early ’60’s. {The movie was Glass Bottom Boat} After her death last week, I planned Sunday dinner around her memory. Yes, we watched Glass Bottom Boat.

We enjoyed our light dinner while we toasted Doris Day and the wonderful entertainer she was. Have you ever seen IT HAPPENED TO JANE? I love Jack Lemon too.

Doris Day did not want a memorial service or to be remembered in any way, but Larry and I remembered her. I loved her. I will forever enjoy her movies and the spirit that she brought.

So in the happy bubbly spirit of the beloved actress…. Que, Sera, Sera.

Love you beyond The Glass Bottom Boat


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