Practicing Love

This is the first blog post of May 2022. I LOVE May. It is a beautiful month filled with new green leaves on trees and happy activities as we get ready for summer. It will be a beautiful spring…

I am having major problems with jet lag right now. Traveling far away is worth it…. BUT I sleep for two hours and then I am awake for two more. This goes on all night long. The good news is, I get to hear all of the world’s news during my awake time. Last night’s news was grim.

I am especially sad about Naomi Judd. (may she rest in peace) Neither Larry or I are country music fans, but what a wonderful woman Naomi Judd was. Of course I have never met her, but have you ever noticed, that kind people cannot hide exactly how kind they truly are? I suppose that nasty people cannot hide what kind of people they are either…

I hope that today brings spring joy into everyone’s hearts. to practice love, is a joy to give and to receive.

Love you beyond the moon.


One thought on “Practicing Love

  1. Judy says:

    It is such a terrible tragedy when someone takes their own life, especially for the ones left behind.

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