Other Than That

I am posting, while the washer is swirling.

Libby had a small accident.

Her blanket was the only casualty and is being washed now.

Yesterday was busy, with nothing important.

Book Club met last night, but I missed it.

My book club somehow lost my email address in November.

I missed that meeting

and the book they chose for


When My Larry asked if I would come

to a business dinner last night

I accepted.

{I had not read the book club book

and I would just be taking up space}

Other than that, I have been behaving.

I walk 3 miles at least 4 times a week

and hope to add to that as time goes on.

Making better choices with food is easier than it sounds.

Breakfast is my favorite meal these days.

I lost weight at my Weight Watcher weigh in yesterday.

Not much…but it was a loss.


And….. are you ready for

The Days Of Love?

Last year, Larry gave me a sweet book.

I will be posting a LOVE quote, out of my book

each day till Valentines Day.

Today’s quote:

Real love stories never have endings.

~richard bach~

It is true, isn’t it?

True love never dies. No matter the situation,

love lives deep within you.

Love you.


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