Oh Wisteria

Photo: Wisteria~Bayswater Street~ London 2019

Yesterday, on the heels of planting plants on the patio here at the cottage, my mind kept going back to London.

The wisteria in London this spring was my favorite. It canopied over our heads and made us feel as if we were in a lavender tunnel.

Photo: Wisteria~London 2019

When I managed a flower shop in Tennessee, one of the designers was a sweet lady from Japan. Her name was Nodiko. She knew the meanings of so many flowers and plants .Wisteria is named after a scientist, Dr Wistar. It has many meanings but my favorite is: Celebrating the youthful vitality of a young friend or child.

In the 1970’s my Grandmother had wisteria growing up the side and over the top of her front porch. {she lived in a Pre-Revolutionary War house outside of Philadelphia.} The family would complain about so many bees buzzing around the blooms, but I just liked to go sit out there and read. It was perfect and my memories of it are spectacular.

I wish that we could grow wisteria here. I have tried but no luck. I guess that means that I best go water the plants on the patio…..

What or whom will you nurture today? Animal, vegetable or mineral?

Love you.


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