Not For My Sake

It was a beautiful weekend.

The long days gave me time to putz around The Cottage,

getting chores


ART/reading/sewing/needlework/knitting done.

My Larry has been a little over-protective,

frightened to leave my side.

I hope that passes soon, for his sake,

not for my sake,

because I kind of like him being around all of the time.

On Saturday, I rested, watched a documentary and basketball

because we were meeting friends for dinner.

This sweet Italian restaurant is in Hurst, Texas


the couple we met for dinner are wonderful.

We laughed and talked a lot….it was a nice evening.

The kind of evening that fills your soul.

Tippi and Paul, you both are wonderful, good friends.


Sunday was dinner and movie.

I had dinner planned but no movie so….

we ended up watching “As Good As It Gets”. Again.

Salmon, potatoes and green beans.

Larry insisted on Champagne to make it a celebration.


As I look back over this weekend, one thing stands out.

How blessed Larry and I are.

Our little cottage, good friends, health



Blessings abound.

Love you.


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