No Facebook

In May, 2020, I closed down my Facebook account. It is only deactivated (not deleted) because I have so many pictures on the site. I never open the site, in fact it is not even in my favorites on my laptop or phone.

Yesterday, I was contacted by a friend asking why I blocked her on Facebook. I did not block her. Wait, I guess I sort of blocked everybody. It occurred to me that some of my contacts might feel the same way.

I left Facebook seven months ago and at the same time, my Instagram account was hacked. I only have Instagram now, with a new account: robintolbert.pastelred is the new account. It is private and a request is needed to follow me.

Do you know what it means to leave Facebook? You lose touch with almost everyone. Even people who do not write emails are on Facebook. Even people who you thought were friends but have never missed you are on Facebook. It is such an interesting platform and I miss so many of my friends but it is best for me to just say no to Facebook.

I hope all of my Facebook friends are doing well and that they are happy…..

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


2 thoughts on “No Facebook

  1. Judy says:

    I miss you on Facebook and really wish you would come back on.

  2. Sandra says:

    I miss you on Facebook but I’m so glad I can follow you here. Glad to see you and your family is doing well!

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