New Traditions and Love

Larry is very busy these days.

He embarrassingly admitted

that he does  not read the blog much anymore.

 I can share a secret with you then.

In a few weeks, we will celebrate our wedding anniversary.

When we were married, our cake was tiny,

the  bell cake topper cost about $2.50


we do not remember it at all.

This year, I have ordered a cake from our favorite bakery and a topper.

We will celebrate alone, no party…just us.

It is never to late to create new traditions, is it?

Photo: Willow Tree Cake Topper

Larry is my best friend and love.

I love him beyond the moon.



  • Sandy

    You two are truly blessed.
    I have always admired the pureness , dedication and friendship you two share.
    It radiates from your hearts
    I too am lucky to have found my sweet Robert he is my soulmate 16 years of nothing but kindness and dedication I am rich beyond means in my soul.
    Happy anniversary month !
    Hug each other for me !

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