National Taco Day!

It was a beautiful day yesterday. Even though it is just Oct 5th, today, (Happy Birthday Kathy A!) it feels like the middle of October and Autumn is here, full force.

I am not a fan of October. October makes my anxiety worse. I want to stay at my work table and not move. I worry about everyone I love at the weirdest level. Four more weeks and it will be over. YAY. I am counting the days.

Because yesterday was National Taco Day and my husband is in the food/restaurant business….well, what else would we have for Sunday Dinner and a Movie?

Photo: Table was set

We had talked about having TACOS all week and I was so ready for them.

Photo: We had Chicken nachos, beef tacos and my salsa with chips. We drank Ginger Ale

We drank ginger ale instead of beer or wine. We had wine the night before and we were not feeling the beer thing.

Photo: The tacos were outstanding.

I made brownies for dessert and made sundaes. Heath Bar sundaes.

Photo: Heath Bar brownie sundae

And, although we did not have tortilla soup, we watched the movie, Tortilla Soup with dinner.

I love this movie. It is easy to watch, visually thrilling and of couse it is about FOOD…oh yes, it is about life too.

Happy Monday to you. I hope that you will have or are having or have had a good day….

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


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