My Voice!

After my daughters moved out of the house.

I took a little job at the neighborhood veterinary office.

I was hired as a part time receptionist.

One day a man brought his sweet dog in…

I took all of his information and puppy stayed at the clinic for that day.

The next morning, the man came to pick up his dog

I brought the puppy to him,


 I handed off the puppy to him.

In this process, the man grabbed  my breast.

{and  looked me in the eye when he did it}

I wanted to say that it was not on purpose,

but it was.


That night, I talked to Larry and about it,

he suggested I tell my boss, the DR.

When I told the Dr, I felt like an idiot.


and I have felt like an idiot about this for many years.

That man had no right to grab my breast.

Isn’t it funny that with the publicity about men and sexual harassment

it gave me a voice?

As long as we let people get away with such action, jerks will take full advantage.

Being strong about anything,  allows us to use our voice.

I send love and crushing hugs to you.


PS: during our first year of marriage,

I was sexually attacked at our apartment.

These two situations are completely different.

Remember your voice!




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