Moments At Barns and Noble

The other day, I was coming down with the flu. I did not know it yet, but I felt crappy. Larry and I had to pick up a gift from Barnes and Noble, so we went out into the rainy day….and we went to the book store.

Larry said: I will drop you off at the door and go park.

I said: Thank you. I will be at the magazine department.

Larry said: Love you! See you in a minute.

I went inside. Feeling light headed, I went to the magazine department, looking for a particular ART magazine.

I looked around, not seeing anything that appealed….then I saw Larry outside headed for the door. As he came in, I expected him to come over to the magazine area, but no.

He headed straight for the 50%OFF NEW RELEASE books and a lady that was standing there looking at the books. Granted, he only saw her from the back. {And she was dumpy! Sorry lady but comb your hair} I watched as he went up behind her, kind of close and was talking to her.

I knew that he thought that she was me and I honestly hoped that he would not rub her back or anything like that and that she would not slap him.

After a moment, I walked closer.

I said: Hi Larry

He then realized that the other lady was not me. You should have seen his face. His red, blushing face.

{this same thing happened years ago at the library, but the lady was sitting with her back to him, he walked up and rubbed her shoulders}

Fast forward to today. I just told Larry that I was blogging about “The Other Woman.”

Larry said: I am glad that I could amuse you.

Oh don’t let him fool us, he is laughing too.

I love moments at the book store.

Love you.


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  1. Isn’t love grand? Had kidney stones removed today the hard way. Fred has been so terrific. Love him tovth moon & back. Hope you are feeling better.

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