Melanoma Is An Ugly Word


Photo: Matilda and Larry

It is almost 6:00 am.

Larry and I are dressed and ready to go.

Today he will have skin cancer surgery,

for an early stage melanoma that will be removed


lots of extra cells taken for biopsy.

Larry is definitely a child of the ’60-70’s.

Sunburns, tan and no SPF.

Now, Larry is a Man, Father, Grandfather of the 2000’s.

He is being pro-active and accountable.

I cannot tell you how attractive that is.

Melanoma is an ugly word, don’t you think?

Please take care of you for the people who love you.

It means the world.

Love you beyond the stitches.


2 thoughts on “Melanoma Is An Ugly Word

  1. Jeffery Johnson says:

    I love you guys and I am praying right now Robin Larry I love you my amigo you are such a good example to so many. God bless you guys !

  2. Sheri says:

    Sending prayers and best wishes! ❤

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