Lost In Translation

I am a self professed, Diet Coke addict.

I LOVE Diet Coke.

My Larry’s father worked for Coca Cola. {30 years!}

While in Paris one day, we went to Carefore.

Carefore is our local market….to pick up a few things.

I am not so great at the whole language, product, Euro thing,

So, I do the easy shopping.

I am smiling……who am I kidding?

Larry sells food for a living, he loves to shop with me.

 I took half the shopping list and Larry took the other half.

After finding the Cokes, they were up on a high shelf.

I had to ask the stock boy to please help me


I guess my translation was really bad….

he got me  MIDGET diet Cokes. {new on the market this year}

I know that I should have asked him

to switch them for the regular size……but I was flustered.

How do you say switch in French?

When we got back to the apartment,

Larry said: What the…..????

{Like me Larry had never seen the little cans of Coke before}

I explained what happened and he has been teasing me ever since.

Last week, I saw the midget Cokes at Target!

Hummmmm this gives me an idea….LOL

Love you.

PS: This post has been brought to you because I have cut way back on my diet Coke consumption.

I drink ONE a day now.

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