Looking At The World Through Lead Glass

When I woke this morning,

Larry was already in his office, working.

I peered out the window at the garbage men…

but Larry informed me that they were the recycle men.


I have been informed

{by spammers who leave messages here}

that this blog only has personal content.

Well, duh.

This online journal is only for me…

and I invite you to share the moments if you wish.

I would never presumeĀ  to tell you what clothes to wear


how to treat a man.


Is that what people truly want?

Someone to tell them about, clothes,

the opposite sex


how to be happy?

Do people know themselves so little that they do not know these things?


I can tell you this.

I am going to put on yoga pants & t-shirt


clean the house.

IronĀ  table linens


go over the menu….

because on Saturday night

we are having company for dinner.

How is THAT for content?


Today’s playlist:

Brahms Concerto #2 in B flat -OP.83


The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. ~ Thackeray ~

Have the best Tuesday that you can image.

Be yourself. You are wonderful.

Love you.


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