Life is like a California Roll

Photo: Matilda’s Sushi last week at PF Chang

I am honestly struggling this week. The days are beautiful so how on earth can anyone be blue you ask?

Life events (sometimes, better known as anniversaries) have a way of catching up with me. I react in an interesting shade of periwinkle and respond by throwing myself into projects of threads, maybe oil paints and then exercise comes last.

Tomorrow I will not be blogging but will be back the next day.

Tomorrow I have an appointment. It has been on my calendar for ONE YEAR and will have all the tests that a breast cancer person gets after 7 months in remission. It was one year ago, that I waltzed into the imaging office for my yearly mammogram. It was a bright October day, I was confident and was just getting my mammogram because it was October. It seemed virtually impossible that they would ever find anything on my X rays. I was a 7 year survivor. I was in the safe zone. It was then, about three days later when they called. There was a tumor. Time for a sonogram. A biopsy. Surgery. Treatment.

My friends, the ones who truly care about me, stuck with me for this second “Go Round”…I am honored by their friendship, love and care. I am so humbled . I do not have the words to thank them.

Pink ribbons have been in my life for 8 years. This year I am proclaiming that Life is like a Sushi roll.


Shades of the earth wrapped in sweet grains


Sweetly encourages us to move forward with a smile.

Sushi awakens our senses like fireworks after a party


Reminds us, that joy comes in many forms.


This post is all over the place. Forgive me. I’m not sure if it is about, Friendship, Food or Cancer.

Love you beyond the moon and sushi.


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