Learning New Skills

Larry and I were teenagers when we met.

He is  my favorite person in the world.

He can do anything. Except cook.

It seems, as we are in the 4th quarter of our life,

we are doing comfort things.

Exercising, seeking out our good friends, eating clean

and learning new skills.

Larry has been cooking. {and we all know that is MY job}

Last week he offered to make Sunday dinner.

I asked if he was sure…..he said of course.

I adore a man with confidence.

He did such a good job….dinner was so good,

that I gobbled it down fast.

You would have thought I had been starving to death.

Menu: Burgers cooked on the grill

and corn on the cob.

Isn’t it ironic that our corn holders are piggies?

{because I ate like a pig}

The burgers were delish.

The picture says it all.


Our movie was As Good As It Gets.

You see, good friends of ours are talking about a holiday in Paris.

It seems that our paths will cross for a few days…and we have promised  a dinner.

Of course, they will come to dinner at our flat….

but dinner out, will be at one of Larry’s favorite restaurants.

Le Grand Colbert….it  is highlighted in the movie, Something’s Gotta Give.
That is what we watched….

It was a good evening.

PS: Our wine was FREAKSHOW.

Paired with burgers….perfection.

Je t’aime.


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