Komen Breast Cancer Donation Quilt Update

There are 43 days till the drawing

for the twin size quilt, titled Love & Joy, made by me.

To have a chance to win the quilt,  go to the Komen website

and donate at least $25.00 (or more!)

then please email me your name for Roll Call.




Robin’s Komen Donation

Your name will go into the bowl, there are 16 names in the bowl

out of 30 available. 14 spots left!

Thank you to the wonderful people who have donated so far!


Lisa A

Dima K

Karen C

Rosemary G

Kim & Gordon

Amanda C

Leslie M

Judy D

Lauren H

Denise P

Megan K

Michael K

Linda P

Rita L


Lynn S

Only 14 spots are left…please consider being part of this wonderful group of supporters.

Or you might want to join us on the 5K?

Matilda and Lauren are designing the TEAM BELIEVE shirts this year!

If have any questions,email me.

Have the best day….

love you.