Just Thoughts Today

I am  tired.

Tired, emotionally and physically.

Feeling this way frustrates me.

I want to be energetic and happy.

But sometimes, God has a different plan.


Message to Karen {Susie}  :

Wine.com emailed  us.

Your birthday Champagne {from July 19th}

will soon be delivered.

Please forgive the delay. They said it was a weather hold.

{ I guess Champagne delivered in Atlanta in the summer, can be tricky?}


I have been trying to be positive and productive.

Even thinking about posting here on Blog,

makes me feel tired.  Blogging is my habit,

my morning ritual.

I wonder what my day would look like without it?

Photo: Heart shape leaf in Paris. I love this shot, it reminds me that we can find beauty anywhere.


My friend Rosemary had a birthday this week.

She is a charming person and a dear friend.

Happy Birthday Rosemary!


Larry is very busy,

he goes into his office, closes the door

and does not come out for hours.

I can hear loud conference calls

and the door remains closed.

I have to remind him to drink water


plan dinner so that he has to leave his office

to come sit with me for an hour

before he goes back to work.

I know.

He is a grown up and knows what is best for himself.

But I adore him so much….


It is past 6:00 am.

I am not exercising today.

Larry is already in his office and the house is quiet.

Friday has started….

Love you.


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