Journey Of “Love & Joy” An Auction Item

Feb 16, 2018- The week has been “different”…but the auction quilt “Love & Joy” is well on its way. I was asked to share a few photos as it is being worked on. Perhaps Friday updates? Thank you so much for your interest. Remember, this “Love & Joy” will be auctioned off in April with proceeds going to Susan G Komen, Race For The Cure.

Photo-beloved pin cushion

Photo: Color palette.

Photo: Trapezoid blocks.

I think that this quilt, will surprise, as it finds its own personality. I am in love with it even now. {and I never become attached to the things I make}




Feb 13, 2018-This past weekend, I bought materials.  The design in my head kept reminding me about the REASON I was doing this. Love and  Joy because of early detection. Have you had your mammogram this year?Photo: Robin’s donation quilt in progress. Are you ready for a minimal {quilt} take on your last geometry class? Modern and classic at the same time. Can you spell trapezoid?

Stay tuned for posts on further progress.



Feb 9 2018–  I kept waking in the night.  ART designs and thoughts, then I did a few sketches and it is decided.

Let me explain. Each year since being diagnosed with breast cancer, I have walked in AND  created a painting to auction off with proceeds going to Susan G Komen,  Race For The Cure.

To be honest, I have been struggling this year. Things feel off kilter to me. All of my ART is taking on  a new personality and I almost do not know what to do with it. But, I have decided.

This years auction item is finally decided. I shall start it soon and journal its progress here.

I am so excited.

Please stay tuned….you just might love the new creation.



Feb 8 2018- Day one. Inspiration is overcoming. Plans run through my brain like rain.